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Dogs Should Eat Raw Meaty Bones

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Bullmastiff dog raw meaty bonesDogs are very clever when it comes to finding things that are good to eat. They’ll often be eating things that crawl, creep, swim, run, fly and wriggle. However, it’s rare for you to discover whole animal carcasses you can feed to your dog. Hence the need for raw meaty bones.

As with anything new, the more knowledge you have, the simpler the task becomes. If you have ample information, you don’t have fears. Fear is the acronym of False Expectations Appearing Real. Dogs rarely fear the same things owners do and will happily scoff the first raw meaty bone you give them.


Be as natural with food as you can. A whole carcass would be perfect but if not possible, get large raw meaty bones from whatever animals are available. Wolves often only eat one species of animal (e.g. deer) and many dogs will have chicken as part of each meal.


Your goal for raw meaty bones should be 70% (or more) of your pet’s diet. The rest can be offal, big meat pieces and more raw bones with meat on them. Fortunately, nature is kind in supplying lots of healthy food choices for dogs.

How much food a dog eats can vary. If looking at a body weight percentage, larger dogs eat less food than their smaller counterparts. Active dogs and active, growing puppies need more than lazy dogs who sleep or watch TV all day, alongside their owners.

As a rough guide, you should feed your dog 2% – 3% of his body weight per day or 10% – 15% per week. If your dog weighs 10 kgs, he’ll eat 1.5kgs – 2 kgs of raw meaty bones every week.

If you’re feeding a puppy, follow the guide and feed him as though he’s an adult dog and feed him 2% – 3% of his anticipated weight.

How often do you feed?

Wild dogs eat when they have food so they may gorge at times and starve at other times, going for days between meals. Feeding your dog, once a day is usually often enough. Smaller dog breeds usually require twice daily feeding. This is good because evening is an ideal time because you’ll be preparing your own meal so you can also watch your beloved pet enjoy his food.

Give him big lumps of raw meaty bones so he spends time chewing and gnawing, both good for dental care. It’s also the best way to avoid him swallowing a smaller piece whole and choking on it.

It’s healthy for dogs to fast for a day or two each week. Studies reveal that slimmer dogs live longer, healthier lives. Old and/or sick dogs and puppies shouldn’t fast.

pekingese puppy raw meaty bonesWhere do you start?

Start simple at first. Stick to one source for the first couple of weeks. Chicken is cheap and easy to get. Smaller dogs like thighs and wings. Bigger dogs might need to eat a whole chicken. Chicken frames are also great to eat. Gradually you add offal and raw meaty bones from different animals.

Your dog will need a bowl in which his food can be put. Bigger items can just be given to him to eat. He may like eating on the outside lawn. If he eats inside the house, it’s best to feed him in the kitchen, laundry or shower. Put newspaper, a mat or towel down and it will be easier to clean up.

Have fun but also take care.

Raw meaty bones work as dental floss, toothpaste and a toothbrush all in one. Dogs with bad breath or sore gums can become better through eating such food. If the problem is more severe, you may need to take your dog to a dental vet. Dogs can get overprotective of bones you give them. They may bark at other dogs or small children if it appears their bones will be removed. Your dog trainer can give you ideas on how to handle such situations.

The very first time you give your pet a raw meaty bone can be a big or small act, depending on how you see it. However, it will become a different way of life for you and your dog. If you love mementos, take some photos for your scrapbook because you may enjoy showing your grandchildren how well you and your dog got along.

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