Quick Tips for Making Car Rides a Pleasure with Canines

Last Updated on August 19, 2018 by Denise Leo. Post first published on October 20, 2015.

Making Car Rides a Pleasure with CaninesIt’s much more enjoyable if you take your dog on a road trip with you and he’s safe, happy and quiet. Some dogs get stressed when traveling in a car. Others may feel overstimulated and pace up and down and bark. These tips will help ensure a smoother ride in the car, regardless of the length of time and distance involved.

1. Restrain him. Use a seatbelt and harness or a crate to keep your dog safe while the car is moving. If he’s not secured, he may get loose during an accident, or he may become a projectile and cause injuries to the people in the car during an accident or if you have to brake suddenly.

2. Make him comfortable. Some dogs only ever ride in the car if they need to go to the vet. This may cause anxiety whenever your pet gets in a car because of that. To avoid that type of thinking in your dog, go on fun trips. For example, take him to various local parks, a training class or a pet supply shop. Take him when you go on holidays where you drive your car.

3. Avoid Car Sickness. If your pet suffers from car sickness, get the vet to recommend a medication to ease this problem. It will help your dog enjoy the trips a lot more.

4. Barking in the Car. If your dog barks while traveling in the car, he may be overstimulated by other vehicles going by, the movement of the car itself and other visual and auditory stimulants. Put a crate in the car and give your dog a toy stuffed with food as that will keep him occupied for quite a while and distract him from the things he had been barking at before.

5. Fear of Car Rides. If your dog is scared of going in the car, use counter-conditioning techniques. Give him food and treats near the car whilst the car doors are all open, then later put the food bowl on the floor inside the car while the dog can still stand outside. Keep on doing this and get him closer to the car until his fears finally disappear as starts associating the car with treats and food, both positive aspects of his life.


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