How To Get Rid Of Dog Smells In The Home

Last Updated on August 19, 2018 by Denise Leo. Post first published on June 2, 2018.

There are numerous ways to get rid of dog smells and avoid a home smelling like a kennel.

 Here are some of the main ways:

1. The number one step is to prevent your dog from making a mess where he shouldn’t. Dogs are commonly drawn to areas that have already been soiled, so the trick is to locate such spots and completely eradicate them. You can purchase a black light from major hardware stores and these generally show spots that have been marked in the past.

2. After you have found a spot, never utilize typical home cleaners because they won’t completely eliminate dog smells associated with your dog’s previous bathroom markings. They’ll also switch off enzyme cleaners that will do the job.

3. Never use hot water or a steam cleaner until your enzyme cleaner has been used to get rid of any stains because the heat sets stains, making them even harder to eliminate.

4. Use a high-quality enzyme cleaner that’s specifically designed to eradicate smells created by your dog or cat. Such cleaners literally eat the bacteria that produces the
awful smell. When it has had plenty of time, you won’t find any smell is left.

5. On floors with tiles and in other areas that are safe to use a bleach, you can use a mixture of water and chlorine to get rid of your pet’s smells. However, strong fumes may be produced when urine and bleach mix, so be very careful when you mop with any bleach. Take care that you don’t splash bleach on carpet or clothes because they can quickly be ruined. Make sure that the space you have cleaned with bleach is 100% dry before you let your pet back in to avoid irritation to his lungs and skin.

6. You can use essential oils such as: eucalyptus, orange, lemon and peppermint because they’re antimicrobial and also discourage all sorts of insects. You can add some to your mop water or put a few drops on any cloths you’re using. However, take care if you’re cleaning finished woods because these oils may dissolve the finish.

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