Entlebucher Mountain Dog

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The Entlebucher Mountain Dog comes from Switzerland and is one of four Swiss Mountain Dogs. He’s the smallest of the four. Farmers used this dog to move cows from different pastures in the Alps. He’s fast, agile and intelligent which helps when he’s working with hogs and horses as well. He’s named after the Entlebuch Valley of Switzerland.

He’s a muscular, compact, enthusiastic dog who excels at competition sports and any dog activities his master uses him for. His hard, short coat is coloured tricolour of black with white marks on his chest, muzzle, blaze and feet. He also has shades of mahogany and fawn on his eyebrows and between the white markings. He’s loyal to his family but must have lots of exercise to burn off his energy so a lazy owner isn’t suitable. He’s at his best when given something to do. His coat needs minimal care. He’s 16 – 21 inches in height.