Field Spaniel

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The Field Spaniel was originally from England in the mid 1800s. He was used as a hunting dog and retriever of both water and land creatures. He didn’t become a separate breed from the Cocker Spaniels until the 20th century when the decision was made that any dog who weighed more than 25 pounds would be a Field Spaniel.

One of the rarer breeds of spaniel, he nearly became extinct. He has long pendulum-like ears and a coat that’s water-repellent and dense. His colour can be golden liver, liver or black and he can have white or tan markings. He’s a fun-loving, docile dog and makes a good companion. He’s loyal to his family but reserved when he’s around strangers. He needs regular exercise. His coat only needs to be brushed weekly and trimmed occasionally. He stands at 17 – 18 inches high.