friends for life book: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion

FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 by Denise Leo. Post first published on May 25, 2017.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion
Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in purchasing a puppy.

As you read this book and get the questions answered, take notes of important information. Also, whenever you research breeder websites or ask questions of breeders via email, phone or in person, you can develop your own “manual” to help you decide which specific breed you want and allow you to put all information in one place.

1. Learn the facts about purebred dogs.
2. Learn all you can about crossbred dogs, otherwise known as designer dogs. E.g. Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Puggles, etc.
3. Find out more about mixed breeds and their mixed ancestry.
4. What dog will you choose? Mixed breed, crossbred or purebred.
5. Gather information regarding the ideal characteristics for your situation.
6. Do some research about the different available breeds and then determine what specific character traits you want in a dog and then learn what breeds match those needs.
7. Work out which gender you prefer in a new dog.
8. Decide how old you want your dog to be. He could be a puppy, an adolescent or a mature adult dog.
9. Learn the pros and cons associated with different dog sources such as pet stores, pet breeders, show breeders, human societies, animal shelters, rescue organizations, pet breeders, and so on.
10. How to locate and assess potential sources. Look at the websites owned by each source and cross sources with a high number of problem areas. Make contact with the sources that appear to be the best and ask questions that will screen the bad ones out and leave you with good choices.
11. Visit all available dogs and puppies. Test them with easy temperament tests that will give you a better idea of whether the dog/puppy is right for you. Keep your eyes open for red flags. Informally examine your choice dog and, if you have found the right one, handle the paperwork and bring your new dog home to a friendly, safe environment.

Which type of dog is your perfect match?

There’s plenty of relevant information about characteristics that may be part of a dog’s breeding. Your dog may be big, small or medium in size. You may not have to brush his coat or it may need a LOT of brushing. He may be a shedder or a non-shedder. He may be calm or aggressive; hard or easy to train…and so the list goes on.

The traits suitable for you will need to be traits you can also maintain. You may have a deep appreciation for a Border Collie due to his high energy and physical fitness. It’s only a good match-up if you can do all the activities your dog can do. If you don’t have enough time to care for your dog, don’t get one, especially if he has high energy levels and you don’t.

Matching is a two-way street. While you have to consider your dog’s needs before making a purchase, you may have plenty of time or will happily make time. Each breed has its own needs.

Some dog breeds require more socialization than others so they don’t become too shy or aggressive. Certain breeds do better when there are no children or cats. Others require an owner who has plenty of experience in handling stubborn or dominant dogs.

Traits to consider when choosing the Dog Breed.

Here are the 14 main dog traits you need to consider when choosing the right breed of dog:

1. Size.
2. Appearance/looks.
3. Clipping, brushing and trimming.
4. Allergies/shedding.
5. Attitude towards kids.
6. Physical exercise.
7. Mental activities and exercise.
8. Suggested height of your fences.
9. Aggression towards humans.
10. Aggressive behavior towards other animals.
11. Lifespan.
12. Cost.
13. Popularity.
14. Registries.

Download and store on your computer, tablet, phone and print a hardcopy if required. Don’t think about buying a puppy without purchasing and reading this book first.  Learn how to avoid most pitfalls in the path to puppy ownership and how to select the perfect puppy for your lifestyle and family.

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