German Pinscher

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The German Pinscher originated in Germany and was a skilled vermin catcher. He’s related more to the Schnauzer than the Miniature Pinscher or Doberman. He almost became extinct at the end of the World Wars but was revived by Werner Jung. He’s smaller than a Doberman but bigger than a Miniature Pinscher. He’s strong-willed and is a good guard dog.

He performs well in agility, tracking, obedience and conformation competitions. He’s a quick learner and enjoys energetic activities. He must have daily exercise and is suitable for country or city living. He does like running around in a backyard. His short coat can be red, fawn, blue, brown or black and may have tan or red markings. His coat doesn’t need much care. He’s 17 – 20 inches in height.