German Wirehaired Pointer

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The German Wirehaired Pointer is a mixture of numerous different dogs because the Germans needed a dog that was extremely versatile. They wanted him to be tough, courageous, have great endurance and speed and be a skilled hunter, tracker and retriever who would work equally well on land and in the water. They wanted him to point out the prey when he found it and retrieve it if necessary. This dog was their ultimate creation.

He’s a strong, medium size dog with a coat that’s water-repellent and weather resistant. His outer layer is harsh, straight, flat and wiry which also protects him against the rough cover when he’s out hunting. The colour is white and liver. He’s an affectionate, loyal dog who needs to be with people. He’s full of energy so must have regular exercise or work to do. He does shed but only needs minimal grooming. He’s 22 – 26 inches in height.