dog 1.Prepare all your supplies and equipment. Get your comb and grooming brush, ear cleaner, styptic powder and nail clippers. Then add bath towels and shampoo. Get everything you need beforehand because you can’t leave your dog alone while you’re grooming and bathing him because he can easily hurt himself if he struggles to escape. His short attention span may restrict the amount of time you can spend with him doing these tasks.

2.Secure your dog. Get a tub that will keep him secure while you control him. Small dogs can be washed in a rubber bin or in a sink. You need a rubber surface or mat for his feet. Secure him with the use of a grooming lead, not a normal collar, and ensure it won’t strangle him if he struggles. If he bites, have a muzzle ready.

  1. Clean his ears. Have cotton balls and a dog ear-cleaning solution. Keep him secure and check his ears to see if there’s any redness or irritating marks. Softly drop a few drops of the solution into the ear flap and down the canal. Don’t push the applicator too deep. Damp cotton balls should be used to get rid of discharge or debris from within the ear flap.
  1. Trim your pet’s nails. Get a good pair of nail clippers and styptic powder. Take each paw and lightly push the pad to extend the nail. If the nails are white, you’ll see the quick or section with the blood vessels. Softly cut a tiny piece of the tip of the nail at a 45 degree angle. If the nails are dark, snip tiny snips until you see a black dot appear in the centre of the nail. That’s the quick and is to be avoided. If you do cut the quick and draw blood, blot the blood. Put styptic powder on the nail to stop the blood. If he has dewclaws, they must also be trimmed.
  1. Brush your dog’s coat to get rid of mats and debris. Every dog needs this because it helps boost circulation, gets rid of debris and decreases shedding. Brush down to his skin as you look for ticks, scrapes and cuts. If he has two coats, brush them both. If you do find mats on his legs or behind his ears, get rid of them by using a slicker brush with slanted, short metal bristles. Don’t pull the mat because it won’t move and it will only hurt your dog.
  1. Wash your dog properly. Run warm water (never hot water) across his back, body and the back of his head. Apply some of the shampoo and softly massage it through his whole body, avoiding the front of his head. Cover his eyes and nose while rinsing the front of his head and then rinse the rest of his body from top to bottom. If he’s very dirty, do this process twice.
  1. Thoroughly dry him. Pat him down with towels instead of rubbing which may cause matting and tangling of his coat. Then use a dryer on a low setting but don’t point it at his face. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot or it can damage his skin. Make sure your dog is 100% dry before he’s allowed outside if it’s cold weather.

Items you’ll require for grooming

Grooming comb/brush/s/slicker brush.

Styptic powder/canine nail clippers.

Pet shampoo/pet ear cleaner.

Rubber bin or tub for small dogs and rubber mat.

Muzzle/grooming lead.

Cotton balls/dryer/towels

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