Icelandic Sheepdog

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The Icelandic Sheepdog arrived in Iceland with Vikings around 874 – 930 A.D. He worked with cattle, sheep and horses and coped well with the Icelandic conditions. He’s the only native dog of Iceland and is thought to be one of the oldest dogs in the world.

He’s an inquisitive, playful and friendly dog. He’s also agile and hardy, enabling him to handle the cold temperatures. This dog is so revered that his photo has been used on postage stamps. He can have a long or short coat and it can be red, black, tan or golden in colour and have different coloured markings. He’s patient with children, eager to please and very loving and social. His undercoat sheds twice yearly and must be brushed when that occurs. He’s easily trainable. He stands at 18 inches high.