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Choosing Pet Insurance for Your Dog

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Choosing Pet Insurance for Your Dog
The Cost of Pet Care is Escalating.

Veterinary science slowly becomes more advanced but that means vet bills also increase. Some owners find the cost of owning a pet is financially stressful. Insuring your pet can help to offset some, or all, of the expenses of diagnosing, managing and treating your dog whenever he has an illness or injury.

Pet insurance isn’t for all pet owners. If you’re thinking about it for your pet, you should talk to your vet and do your own research to work out the various options available to you. Here are a few basics to consider:

An insurance provider must fully and clearly explain all details (including exclusions and limitations) of coverage options for general care, emergency treatment and any conditions that may require long term extensive care.

Ask if premiums will increase if you make a claim or as your pet ages.

Is there a discount if you own more than one pet?

All fees, including deductibles, co-pays, add-ons and other expenses, must be explained fully and clearly to you so you know what you’re up for to begin with.

Ask the insurer how they handle pre-existing conditions and what their definition of such conditions are (i.e. conditions or illnesses your pet has had in the past or currently has).

Does the provider offer add-on options for particular types of coverage? This may include your pet’s dental care or travel insurance, etc.

Are there specific breeds or types of pets they don’t insure? Is there a maximum number of pets in their “high risk” category that you’re able to insure?

You should be permitted to select your own vet to care for your pet.

Generally speaking, pet insurance plans work by you paying all costs up front and then receiving all applicable reimbursements from the provider. If this will be a problem for you financially, ask your vet whether he has any flexibility in payment options if you face that situation.

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