Irish Wolfhound

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The Irish Wolfhound dates back to Roman times in 391 A.D. He was often used as a gift for royals. He hunted and fought with his masters, guarded castles, played with children and lay by the fire with his family. He was a fierce wolf and elk hunter, to the extent that he drove them out of Ireland. Because of this, there were also very few Irish Wolfhounds left by the 19th century.

He is the tallest of dogs, standing at 30 -34 inches in height. He has great endurance and strength and is very athletic. An Irish proverb describes him as gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked. His coat is fawn, white, red, brindle, gray, black and other colours. He’s a great pet but he needs lots of exercise and room to play. His harsh coat needs to be brushed regularly.