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The Kuvasz’s name comes from “kawasz,” a Turkish word which means “armed guard of the nobility.” He originally comes from Tibet but developed into today’s breed in Hungary where he’s a companion to those who rule European empires including Hungary. His owners used to only be royals but, centuries later, shepherds and commoners used them as cattle and sheep dogs. He’s a muscular, yet agile dog.

He’s fearless and bold, with unmatched guarding and protective instincts, able to take action without orders and without any wasting of time. While he’s protective of his family and also devoted, his affections don’t always seem obvious. His double coat has a coarse outer layer that guards a fine, soft under layer. His hair may be wavy or straight and will only ever be white. He needs daily exercise. His coat is low maintenance, minimal brushing and little bathing. His height is 26 – 30 inches.