Lakeland Terrier

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The Lakeland Terrier is English and existed as far back as the 1800s. He’s among the oldest of the terriers and was developed by farmers to catch vermin and stop foxes from killing their herds. He also helped on game hunts. He’s a small, tough dog that can get into the tiniest burrow or rocky den to catch vermin. He’s also a natural digger so be aware if you have this dog as a pet in your back yard.

His coat colour can be black, red, blue, liver or wheaten and he can also have a patch of colour on his shoulders and back. This is known as a saddle. His coat is wiry and dense and sheds a small amount. He needs some clipping by a groomer. He needs exercise daily because he has tons of energy. He can live equally well in the city or country. He stands at 14.5 inches high.