Miniature Bull Terrier

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The Miniature Bull Terrier was born in the early part of the 19th century out of a breeding between a Bulldog and the White English Terrier (which is now extinct.) Apart from size, he’s the same as a Bull Terrier. In his early days, breeders wanted to add more height so they included a Spanish Pointer to the mix. Because there were different sizes, they became known by their groups; the Miniature and the Standard.

He has a jovial nature and his head has a distinct egg-shape. He can be white or a mix of colours. He’s fearless and clown-like. He gets on well with adults and children but can be too energetic for young children unless he’s properly trained and supervised. It’s not wise to have other pets that aren’t dogs if you have him. He’s easy to care for and only needs occasional grooming. He’s 10 – 14 inches high.