Norwegian Buhund

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The Norwegian Buhund originated in the wet, western coastland of Norway where he worked as a hunter of wolves and bears, guarded his owner’s farms and herded sheep. He’s part of the Spitz class of dogs. Ancient versions of this dog travelled with the Vikings and have been dated as far back as 900 A.D. Today he works as a police dog and helps people with impaired hearing.

His thick coat is a wheaten (a pale green colour through to a bright orange) or a black colour. He’s a great companion for families who are active and needs to live in a home where he can get lots of exercise. He performs well in agility and obedience events. Of the Spitz breeds, he’s the easiest to train. He’s an ideal watchdog but is equally happy on the floor near your feet after a busy day. His short coat needs brushing sometimes. He’s 16 – 18.5 inches in height.