Norwegian Lundehund

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The Norwegian Lundehund originally comes from Norway and was used to capture and retrieve live Puffin birds (a Norwegian feather and meat crop) from crevices within vertical, steep cliffs. This dog has been talked about as far back as the 1500s. He was a protected species in the 1800s because he wasn’t much use to farmers and so the number of dogs shrunk. He was saved from extinction after forming a friendship with two Norwegians after the end of WWII, but even today there aren’t a lot of Norwegian Lundehunds around.

He’s a unique dog with six toes per foot and his prick ears can close forward or backwards. He can also tip his head right back until it’s able to touch his backbone. These were all vital to his skills as a Puffin hunter. He’s a playful, loyal pet with a calm, friendly disposition and is small so he can live anywhere. His dense coat’s colour varies in range from tan to a reddish brown to fallow and he can have red and white markings, dark markings or black tips. His coat only needs minimal attention. His height is 12 – 15 inches.