Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

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The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has no authentic record of how he was developed. But it’s known that he first existed in the 19th century as a toll, lure and retriever of waterfowl. He would play with a ball or stick near the shore and make the ducks curious so they would come in closer. His owner would shoot and kill the ducks and he would then retrieve them. It’s commonly thought that he was descended from the red decoy dog that came to Nova Scotia with early European settlers. It’s thought that he was bred from dogs such as spaniels, collies, retrievers and setters. He was first called the Little River Duck Dog or Yarmouth Toller, named after the district of Yarmouth. But he has had his current named for many generations.

He’s the smallest retriever but is still quite powerful. His double coat is water-repellent and always a shade of red, sometimes with white marks. He’s alert and very intelligent. He loves being kept occupied, is great as a pet and is good with children. He only needs occasional brushing and a bath. He’s 17 – 21 inches in height.