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The Otterhound was the solution to the problem of otters preying on fish in streams and rivers in England. Although it’s now illegal to hunt otters, he still exists. He’s believed to have originated in France and was brought to the USA in the early 1900s. He’s a scent hound and is unique because he has webbed feet and a rough double coat. These extra features help him hunt in the water and on land. He’ll work all day if he can.

He’s not a good pet for frail, aged people or small children because of his size and weight. He needs lots of attention, including regular washing of his webbed feet as they can get very muddy. He’s stubborn so patience is needed when training him. He has a deep baying voice that neighbours may not appreciate so he’s better suited to a rural environment. He should be exercised in a fenced enclosure or on a leash because he may wander off on a scent if he can. His coat can be any colour combination. He’s 27 inches high and 115 pounds.