Parson Russell Terrier

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The Parson Russell Terrier is named after Reverend John Russell, a respected English hunter, and was first bred to hunt red foxes in the mid 1800s. He would follow a fox underground and then flush him out. After the Reverend’s death, some of the bloodlines were mixed with Welsh Corgis and other terriers to make a Jack Russell Terrier.

He’s a tenacious dog with great endurance and strength as well as lots of confidence and a positive attitude. He’s affectionate, friendly and outgoing when with his family. He’s good with children of all ages but won’t accept rough handling. His waterproof coat can be smooth or wiry and is tri-coloured, white with tan or black marks or just white. He needs lots of regular exercise. If he has a wiry coat, it needs hand stripping but he’s clean so he doesn’t need much else. His height is 13 – 14 inches.