Scottish Deerhound

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The Scottish Deerhound was previously known as the Highland Deerhound, the Rough Greyhound and the Scotch Greyhound until the 16th century when he became a separate breed of his own. He was used to chase and kill deer and nobody lower than an earl could own such a dog. Because of this rule, he nearly became extinct until revived by breeders in the early 1800s.

He looks like a Greyhound and is an alert, keen sight hound, often seen in the show ring and in lure coursing events. He’s one of the oldest breeds and has a powerful hunting instinct. The hair on his neck and body is wiry and harsh. The hair on his belly, breast and head is softer. His colours include gray, brindle, black and blue gray. When exercised he should be in a fenced area or on a leash to stop him chasing anything furry that he sees. He loves his family but may intimidate small children. His coat only needs occasional brushing and bathing. He stands at 30 – 32 inches high.