Treeing Walker Coonhound

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The Treeing Walker Coonhound evolved from the Walker Foxhound who in turn evolved from the Virginia Hound. He is a descendant of the oldest English Foxhounds who were taken to America. He was first named an English Coonhound before breeders separated him in 1945 and bred him to keep the qualities they wanted. He’s fast, has great endurance and the ability to locate his quarry and has excellent treeing skills. He was mainly bred to track and tree wild raccoons.

He competes well in coonhound events. His glossy, short coat is still dense enough to protect him. His colour is tan, black and white (tri-coloured). The dominant colour can vary. Occasionally he may be white with either black or tan spots. He must have regular exercise and lots of activity to keep him fit. His short coat doesn’t need much maintenance. He’s 20 – 27 inches high.