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Make Your Dog’s Trips to the Vet a Pleasant Experience

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Make Your Dog’s Trips to the Vet a Pleasant ExperienceOne of the first social experiences your puppy will have is going to the vet. The things that occur in the early stages of his life pave the way living and behaving properly in the future.

Taking your puppy to the vet should be pleasurable for him, not a scary place to visit.

Whether it’s a new puppy or perhaps you’re retraining an older one, these pointers will help you make your pet more comfortable when he needs to go to the vet. The staff, you and your pet should all feel this comfort.

Train your dog to stay and stand. When your dog is sitting, get a treat and put it right in front of his nose. Slowly move away, letting him follow the treat and you. The moment he stands, lavish him with praise and give him that treat. To make him stay standing, give him a reward for standing still for a few seconds. Gradually increase the time that he remains in the standing position before he gets his treat. After he can consistently stand for a few seconds without moving, try adding the “stay” command.

Help your pet grow accustomed to being handled. Pat him and touch him all over as you play and give him lots of treats. Lift his lips to check his mouth and teeth. Check the inside and outside his ears. Lift each paw softly and massage between the pads.

Don’t just take your dog to the vet. Go on fun rides as well. Take him to the park or to visit friends or family. Make sure he enjoys himself in the car so it’s not a stressful place to be when he’s inside your moving vehicle.

Take your pet to visit the vet if nothing is wrong. Make it a social visit and ask staff to pat him and give treats. Sit in their waiting room and give him a couple of goodies for 2-3 minutes so he gets used to the sounds, sights and smells of the office environment.

When you need to get the vet to treat your pet, take his favourite treats with you and give a few to him during the visit. Reward him if he stays calm and let him nibble something while undergoing uncomfortable procedures such as having blood tests, vaccinations or the collection of faecal matter.

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