Welsh Terrier

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The Welsh Terrier was previously called the Black-and-Tan Wire Haired Terrier or the Old English Terrier. He comes from Wales where he was used mainly as a sporting dog and was famous for catching otters, foxes and badgers. He first was taken to America in 1888. Caroline Kennedy owned a Welsh Terrier. He loves digging and swimming. He has a “Welsh Terrier expression” which comes from the colour, set and position of his eyes and how he uses his ears.

His wire-texture, coarse coat is always tan and black. He’s always on the lookout for entertainment and action and is playful, friendly and loves children. He can handle them playing rough BUT he may be hard to housetrain. A young active family would best suit him. Keep him in an enclosure or on a leash or he will go off chasing something. His bushy face needs brushing twice weekly and his coat needs plucking twice a year. He’s 15 – 15.5 inches in height.