Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers


Complete Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers

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What if your other half is beautiful, intelligent, smart, and athletic all at the same time? Wouldn’t it be a dream come true? Well, with Goldens, consider this done. These blond beauties are an all-in-one package of your favorite traits. But there are still some pros and cons of Golden Retrievers that you might like to know.

This article discusses the Golden Retriever personality type and its pros and cons. Quickly, Golden Retrievers are generous at sharing love, affection, time, and care, they are your best friends for life. They have very few cons.

This is your detailed must-read guide before you get a Goldie for yourself. Just stick around for a while!

Let’s have a look at some vital stats on Golden Retrievers and you can work out the pros and cons of owning a Golden Retriever:

Stats Description
Dog Breed Group Sporting Group
Purpose Hunting
AKC Breed Popularity Ranks 3 of 197
Average Height 23-24 inches (male), 21.5-22.5 inches (female) tall at the shoulder
Weight Range 65-75 pounds (male), 55-65 pounds (female)
Temperament  Eager to please and highly intelligent
Energy Level High
Features Energetic, gundogs who enjoy outdoor activities
Life Expectancy 10 to 12 years

Golden Retriever Personality Type

Not all dogs have a personality like these absolutely beautiful Goldens! These family dogs have the nicest temperament and they can knock your socks off with their happy-go-lucky personality.

●       Loyal, Loyal, Loyal

Yep, Golden Retrievers are super loyal and their loyalty is unquestionable. Since these were bred to retrieve, they’ll always return to their master. In case, they get off their leash and get away for a while, don’t worry, they’ll be back!

Note: You must still keep in check they don’t go too far.

●       Your Kids Deserve Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers love kids! And we are sure your kids would love them too. They will join your kids’ playtime and make it even funnier and happier for them. With their humorous nature and playfulness, Golden Retrievers are puppies every kid deserves to spend their childhood with!

IMPORTANT: Golden Retrievers can be very robust while playing and can easily knock off children. Though out of love, their rough play can result in injuries in kids and even your puppy. We never recommend having a Golden Retriever with kids younger than 4 to 6 years of age.

Golden Retrievers make wonderful family pets
Golden Retrievers make wonderful family pets

●       Temperament Like No Other

If you think there’s a black bone in their body, we tell you, there isn’t! Golden Retrievers have the most amazing temperament among dog breeds. They are loving, affectionate, and calm dogs. Their playful nature adds icing to the cake, and makes them the best dog you’ve had! And guess the best part: no unnecessary barking!

●       Love People

All we crave in this world is love, and with Golden Retrievers, that’s the only thing you get! They are loving buddies who love their families more than anything. With their affection, they’ll grab your attention and keep you happy all the time.

●       Bundles of Energy

Since Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve, they are very sportive and their packets of energy keep them active and lively all the time. They are playful and will keep you entertained all the time with their high spirit.

●       You’ll Sail Smooth

Their easygoing nature helps them to socialize well with people and other pets. Your life’s boat won’t face hurdles with Golden Retrievers. They are the smoothest creatures to live with!

●       What’s Aggression?

Dogs can get pretty aggressive, but the thing to keep in mind is that the Golden Retriever is not a regular dog. You rarely see a Golden Retriever lashing out. They usually switch places if their patience level is running out, and in case they lash out, something has provoked them. Look out for that!

Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers
Pros and Cons of Golden Retrievers

Advantages of Golden Retriever Dogs

These cuddle-babies bring you amazing benefits to reap. They’ll make up your life and keep your sorrows dead in the water.

●       Friends for Life

Believe us, your cravings for a best friend would be over once you bring these beautiful Golden Retrievers into your life. They’ll always like to spend time with you rather than by themselves. They’ll walk with you, enjoy an excursion with you, and in fact be couch potatoes and enjoy Netflix with you.

●       You’re Staying Healthy

Their lively nature and packets of energy demand lots of exercise. And yes, they won’t work out on their own. They’d rather wait for you the whole day to spend all their energy with you.

So, with Golden Retrievers, your adrenaline levels will be high most of the time, and you’re staying as happy, healthy, and lively as ever!

●       They know What you Want

Yes, pretty much intuitive they are. You’d be amazed to see their intuitions. Just some time with them, and they’ll already know your likings and dislikes. They’ll know what pleases you and what irritates you. And guess what? Their PLEASE THEM ALL nature will keep you happy and pleased all the time.

●       Wanna Train a Golden Retriever, No Problem!

Training a Golden Retriever comes in handy. They are exceptionally smart and learn to obey commands easily. They are always eager to learn and play, and meanwhile, in their playtime, you can easily train them. When it comes to intelligence, Goldies outrank the long list of other breeds by being in the TOP 5 SMARTEST DOGS. Their calm temperament is a welcome addition to their smartness when it comes to training them.

●       Want to Win a Dog Show, Get a Golden Retriever

Their highly trainable trait makes them brilliant show dogs. Take them to obedient courses and agility classes, and you’re signing yourself and your buddy in for the best time.

●       Reap The Therapeutic Benefits

Sometimes all you need is someone to calm you down, be all ears, and listen to you. Goldens are perfect for that and that is why they make up amazing therapy dogs. Their big heart and affectionate nature give them innate therapeutic abilities.

●       Born To Please

The breed is exceptional when it comes to keeping you happy. Their intuitive nature will keep your displeasure at arm’s length. They know what you want and will walk all the extra miles to get you that.

Golden Retrievers Can be A Problem Too

So far so good! We saw all the benefits we can reap from these blonde buddies. But guess what, sometimes these beautiful big blondies can be a problem too. Not a  problem as in you don’t want them (no person in their right mind can say no to Goldens) but a problem as in they can’t be a good fit for you or your family depending upon your nature or nature of your work. So before diving into the long-lasting relationship with Golden Retrievers, you might need to consider the following aspects that can probably come along with not just Golden Retrievers, but any dog breed.

●       Big in Every Aspect

Yes, folks, these blond fellas are big. They need lots of space both in-house and outside the house. So unless you got a nice house with a fenced yard, Goldens aren’t for you. The other thing they need more is food. Their eager eyes will always be wandering for something they can put in their mouth. This makes obesity very common in them. Watch out! It can be really difficult not to treat them, especially when their voracious looks would almost tempt you to serve them all the time.

●       Look out for Hair

Golden Retrievers are hairy, so the question arises, do Golden Retrievers shed? The simple answer is A lot! Their double coat makes their coat thick and every spring their undercoat goes shedding. They shed all year round as well, but the shedding is slightly better than in the spring season. Golden Retriever shedding can be to an extent that you might want to tear your hair as well.

●       Keep Racing Folks

These super-high-energy cuties need lots of exercise. They create chaos, a happy one in fact. They love to play, chase, run, retrieve, and chew all the time to consume their sporting energy. And they won’t even play without you. Their liveliness comes out seeing their parents. And if you’re not with them, get ready to see them spend their energy in a destructive canine fashion.

●       Mischievous as Ever

With Goldens as your pet babies, be prepared to see your stuff chewed or misplaced! Yes, you need to puppy-proof your house and keep all your valuables away before bringing one. Golden Retrievers are tiny crooks especially when young. Proper training can make these habits go away, but if neglected, you won’t find most of your things at their respective places.

●       Forget Security

Yes, these are not your regular guard dogs! Their please-everyone personality will entertain intruders till the minute they enter your home to the minute they’ve plundered you. Some breeds are amazing watchdogs and Goldens aren’t. So, unless you don’t want a watchdog, these blond beauties shouldn’t be your call.

●       Say Bye to Your Garden

These mud lovers will dig up your whole garden and won’t even feel sorry about it. They love mud so much that they’ll roll, play, and sleep among your bushes.

●       Embrace Frequent Visit to Beaches

These hydrophilic dogs will never say no to beach visits and a game fetch in the water. To fulfill their play-in-water cravings, you need to take them frequently to beaches or pools, and also, keep a kiddie pool at your place. They are great swimmers by the way!

Pros And Cons of Golden Retrievers

A summary of Golden Retriever’s pros and cons is listed down below. Though the list might look equivalent to you, the pros of having them sure outstrip their cons.

  • They are super loyal.
  • Goldens are golden from the heart.
  • No, not a typical aggressive dog.
  • They love you and your family.
  • If you need a show dog, get a Golden!
  • Playful like anything.
  • They are innate with insight and know what pleases you.
  • Training them comes in handy.
  • They’ll get along with everyone (family, friends, kids, and other pets).
  • They make up superb therapy dogs.
  • Not a regular barking breed.
  • A heavy shedding breed!
  • From their muddy paws to nose prints on your furniture, they are big.
  • They need a lot of food and are prone to obesity.
  • Yeah, they chew a lot!
  • And they need your attention all the time.
  • You’ll find them wet and muddy most of the time.
  • Don’t get one if you are looking for a watchdog.
  • They’ll run and keep you running all the time.
  • A bit notorious for misplacing your stuff.
  • Their lifespan is a bit short compared to other dog breeds.
Golden Retriever Dog
Golden Retriever Dog

How to Deal With Golden Retriever Problems?

So, you just read about the pros and cons of Golden Retrievers, and you have finally decided to get one for yourself (believe me, you are in for the best and happiest time of your life!), you now need to know if dealing with their problems is a problem in itself.  The short answer is: no!

It’s quite easy to deal with the problems associated with these blondies. Especially if you brought a Golden Retriever puppy into your house, training them from day one will keep all the cons at bay.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Since Golden Retrievers are loving by nature, they instinctively greet people by jumping at them. Train them not to jump on people. Instead, teach them to sit when they meet and greet new people.
  • To keep their shedding minimum, make sure you regularly take care of their grooming needs. Brush them regularly and keep their coat conditioned. And yes, from now onwards, your grocery list includes shampoo and conditioners that reduce your Golden Retriever’s shedding.
  • Many behavioral issues occur in dogs because of poor socializing in their puppyhood. While training them, make sure to socialize them well with people and other animals. Training also includes teaching them not to steal things.
  • Yes, you can do something about their energy too. Stimulate their physical and mental well-being with toys that help utilize their energy and leave them too tired to be running around.
  • Get a diet plan from your vet so you don’t over-treat them. These prince-looking fellas eat like a king and end up becoming obese and sick, and we are sure you don’t want that.
  • To avoid destruction, ensure to keep a tight schedule of staying away from home. Your being away for longer periods can induce separation anxiety in them.

Should You Get a Golden Retriever for Yourself?

Well, that depends. If you are a busy beaver and cannot take out much time for them, you probably shouldn’t get one (or any!). But if you think you need a loving and caring breed whom you would raise and train with all your heart, get these blondies!  Besides, the above-mentioned Golden Retriever’s pros and cons will help you make a great decision for yourself.

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Breed History

The Golden Retriever originally came from the Scottish Highlands back in the late 1800s. He was mainly used as a hunting dog. Lord Tweedmouth developed the dog to be able to cope with the climate and the terrain and to capture game easily. He mixed the Tweed Water Spaniel (extinct now) and the Yellow Retriever that he found on his estate. Later, he mixed the Bloodhound and the Irish Setter in as well.

The Golden Retriever is eager to please and highly intelligent. He’s one of America’s most popular breeds. He’s also a great seeing-eye dog and search and rescue dog. His coat can be light through to dark gold in color. His double coat is water-repellent and sheds seasonally. It needs to be brushed regularly.

Golden Retriever Dog
Golden Retriever Dog

Final Verdict:

Golden Retrievers are Golden in every aspect! Generous at sharing love, affection, time, and care, they are your best friends for life. Like every dog breed, they may have some cons, but the benefits of Golden Retrievers outrank their cons. And we don’t know if it’s a benefit or a con, but these blondies are so super addictive, you definitely won’t end up having just ONE!

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