Dog Breeder Comparison Chart

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Dog Breeder Comparison Chart
Dog Breeder Comparison Chart
Characteristics Backyard breeder Puppy Mill Commercial Breeder Hobby Breeder Reputable Breeder
Has a particular goal for breeding. To create puppies. To earn money. To keep up with demand. To improve

the breed

To create an easily-recognised type to leave a legacy.
Is a member and works with a breed club. May pretend to be a member. Usually blocked from joining breed clubs. Has plenty of business contacts. An active member of their breed club. Is usually an extremely active long-time member of their breed club.
Has a minimum of one mentor. Works on their own without any guidance. Doesn’t want to improve the breed so has no need for a mentor. Doesn’t focus on any one breed and has no interest in breeding quality or improving the breed. Welcomes knowledge. Is often a breed mentor who runs seminars and writes books and articles.
Understands how to breed to meet the standard. Often has no knowledge of the breed at all. Uses any stock that’s available. Focuses on the dogs and their overall look. Aims for perfection. Helps with the definition and development of a breed.
Involved with trials, shows and rescues. Only rescues dogs to build breeding stock. Doesn’t go to trials or shows. Usually sells to brokers & pet shops. Does not need to promote their kennel. Does not need to promote their kennel as commercial breeders often do not sell direct to the public. Competes in trials and shows to confirm breeding worth. Writes breed articles, conducts seminars and is happy to mentor serious hobbyist breeders. Sometimes acts as a judge.
Complete knowledge of the breed’s history. May supply insufficient or fake information. No real knowledge. Often supplies information taken from the internet. No interest in the history of dog breeds. Studies all the time. Affects the breed for numerous decades.
Sells pets complete with a neuter & spay contract. Maintains contact with buyers. Happy to supply so-called “breeding” documents at a higher cost. Often creates documents through unrecognised “registries.” All pups are sold with full breeding rights. Registers all puppies and methodically keeps in contact with buyers. Insists on registering pet quality puppies on the limited register. Show and breed dogs are always recorded on the main register. Regularly keeps in contact with buyers.
Keeps up with health issues affecting the breed and offers detailed guarantees. Doesn’t regard most problems. Avoids trials and shows due to their “political” nature. Monitoring health not needed as they mostly sell to pet shops and brokers. Meets the State’s minimum legal standards. Exceeds the minimum standards. Takes responsibility for each puppy born. Runs a strong support system.
All stock supposed to undergo genetic testing to avoid diseases common to that breed. But they don’t do it. It’s rarely done and, only when it’s necessary to impress consumers. It’s rarely done and only when required by a buyer. May supply papers to prove the dog’s worth. Rarely done but may give undocumented paperwork to “keep the peace.” Prioritises intensive testing. Sponsors seminars and clinics.
Maintains intensive records of all dogs bred in the gene pool including their offspring. Focuses mainly on the phenotype and isn’t unfamiliar with the genotype. Supplies pet shops & broker. Records are not available. Auctioned off in lots. Records aren’t available. Regularly monitors all puppies bred. Bases their breeding program on comprehensive research and data.
Maintains a sterile, clean environment. Conditions vary, depending on income. Attempts to keep minimum standards. Best/cleanest commercial environment. Regular State inspections. Raised at home and well-loved and cared for. Often messy but is healthy and always stimulated mentally.
Expects all breeds to live a long life. Unreal expectations; loses confidence quickly. Will keep going providing money is being made. Depends on just how popular a breed is at the time. In it for life and fully committed for the long term. Long-term involvement and commitment to chosen breed.

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