Male or Female Doberman

Male vs. Female Doberman: An All-Inclusive Comparison Between Their Characteristics

A female Doberman? Or a male Doberman? Are you too stuck between this Dobie decision? If so, you are not alone. All the Dobie lovers have been playing a tug of war (of debates) about male vs. female Doberman supremacy. Some advocated male Doberman as the best buddy while some preferred female Doberman as their best-loved companion. Nobody ever could conclude the match between Doberman Pinscher male vs. female. So what if we can’t bring … Read more…

Chinese Crested Dog - Powder Puff Variety

Guide To Dog Ownership Costs. How Much do Puppies Cost?

The true cost of owning a dog is a huge financial and emotional commitment. You don’t get a dog and, in a week’s time, return him to the shelter. Buying your new pet is just the first step in your pet ownership story. This guide explains exactly how much do puppies cost and covers various expenses that you’ll probably encounter at some stage in your pet’s life. It also explains how to care for your … Read more…

Choosing the Right Dog

Choosing the Right Dog

This article will give you helpful tips on how to find the right dog breed for your family. What is a good dog for your family? Every family should have a good dog. How to choose a puppy that’s right for you. How to choose the best puppy for your family situation. How to Choose a Breed of Dog Matching Your Lifestyle Do you know what sort of dog you want? You need to find … Read more…

Screening Puppy Buyers

How Breeders Assess Puppy Buyers: Screening Puppy Buyers

Screening Puppy Buyers As a smart dog breeder, you shouldn’t be solely motivated by money and how much money you can get out of every potential puppy buyer that comes along. Selling a pup involves lots of other factors you must take into account when trying to identify the best possible homes for your puppies and dogs. This is the reason most breeders spend a little time screening puppy buyers. Breeders usually have a list … Read more…

10 Differences between Reputable Breeders and Backyard Breeders

What Are Backyard Breeders? Backyard Breeder vs Reputable Breeder

Members of the public seem confused when it comes to defining what is a backyard breeder, inasmuch as to say that they regard such breeders as “bad” only if the dogs are being neglected and that many live in appalling conditions. The good news is that this isn’t always the situation. Backyard breeding can describe a family member or friend who chooses to breed their dog. They shower the dog with all the love they … Read more…

friends for life book: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion

FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in purchasing a puppy. As you read this book and get the questions answered, take notes of important information. Also, whenever you research breeder websites or ask questions of breeders via email, phone or in person, you can develop your own “manual” to help you decide which specific breed you want and allow you to put all information in one place. 1. Learn the facts about purebred dogs. … Read more…

pomeranian puppy

Pups For Sale

It has come to our attention that SCAMMERS are claiming to be CaninePals.  WE DO NOT SELL PUPS. CaninePals.Com is all about Dog and Puppy Education. Alert the authorties if you are offered a puppy by anyone claiming to be CaninePal.Com. Good luck and keep safe.

Scottish terrier

Why Should You Choose A Purebred Dog?

Man has bred different breed strains of dogs with certain needed instincts and/or abilities as well as well as desired characteristics. This practice has gone on for thousands of years. When you breed purebred dogs, they’re true to type and offspring have predictable instincts and appearance and are milder in their temperament. There are lots of great benefits when you own a purebred dog. Purebred dogs are the result of many years of highly selective … Read more…