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The Newfoundland has a mysterious history with conflicting information. Some believe his ancestors were the Great Pyrenees. However, most agree that he came from Newfoundland (hence the name) and that fishermen brought him over from Europe. He was used to pull nets for fishermen and to pull wood in the forest. He also powered the blacksmith’s bellows because of his size and strength.

He’s skilled at long distance swimming and is a good lifesaver in the water. His coat protects him from the water’s icy coldness. He’s happy in the water or on land. He performs in obedience, conformation, agility, carting, water, drafting and tracking events in shows. He’s highly intelligent and easy to train. He needs regular exercise because he’s quite active, although docile. His coat needs to be brushed frequently. His height is 26 – 28 inches.