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The Lowchen originated in the Pre-Renaissance period in the Mediterranean or Germany more than 400 years ago. He was groomed to look like a little lion (his name literally means “little lion” in German) and used as a comforter and foot warmer by the ladies in the court. The exposed skin helped to stop infestation and matting.

He’s a lively, positive, outgoing dog and is a great companion because he’s also quite affectionate. He can be any colour or combination of colours. He performs well in the agility and obedience trials. The way he’s trimmed is by clipping his hindquarters very close to his skin, leaving his forequarters natural, leaving the hair on the ankles and clipping the tail except for a plume on his base. He needs daily exercise. He needs brushing once a week to stop matting and his coat must be trimmed every two months. He’s 12 – 14 inches in height.