Lowchen Dog Price Explained


Lowchen Dog Price: Why Are Little Lion Dogs Expensive?

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Are you considering owning a Lowchen and would like to know its price? They’re so rare that Lowchen dogs are among the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

The starting price of a Lowchen begins at $4000 and can go up to $8000.

While their companionship is priceless, there are tangible costs associated with bringing home a new Lowchen dog or puppy. We have learned what affects Lowchen’s price and want to share it with you.

Lowchen Dog Breed Information

The Lowchen originated in the Pre-Renaissance period in the Mediterranean or Germany more than 400 years ago. He was groomed to look like a little lion dog (his name means “little lion” in German or French, called the le petit chien lion) and used as a comforter and foot warmer by the ladies in the court. The exposed skin helped to stop infestation and matting.

He’s a lively, positive, outgoing dog and is a great companion because he’s also quite affectionate. He can be any color or combination of colors. He performs well in the agility and obedience trials.

The Löwchen does not naturally look like a little lion dog. Careful trimming achieves the appearance of a lion dog.

He’s trimmed by clipping his hindquarters very close to his skin, leaving his forequarters natural, leaving the hair on the ankles, and clipping the tail except for a plume on his base. He needs daily exercise.

He needs brushing once a week to prevent matting, and his coat must be trimmed every two months. Owing to the way his coat is trimmed, this dog breed is often called the lion dog. He’s 12 – 14 inches in height.

Lowchens are small dogs, very slightly longer than they’re tall. They are one of the rarest dog breeds and have been recognized as a breed since the Renaissance. Lowchens were on the verge of extinction during the early 1970s, when were only 65 left in the world. Lowchens are incredibly intelligent dogs among the world’s rarest dog breeds.

The Lowchens’ hair is long, dense, and soft to the touch. They are active, friendly, loving, and playful dogs. They are willing to please, responsive to commands, and devoted to their family. 

Lowchen Dog Price
Lowchen Dog Price

How Much Does Lowchen Cost?

Generally, the Lowchen puppy price from a reputable breeder will range between $4,000 and $8,000.

But in terms of the necessities, you can expect the cost of a dog or puppy to start at a minimum of $500 in the first year and continue to cost a little less each year following. Adopting or fostering is an option if you can’t afford to buy a new puppy.

Reputable, high-quality breeders tend to be on the upper end of the price spectrum. You may get a Lowchen at a lower price from unethical backyard breeders, but it is never recommended.

Other factors that can influence Lowchen puppy price include:

  • Gender
  • Coat color
  • Overall appearance
  • Breeder reputation 
  • Demand for puppies 
  • Kennel Club registered or not
  • Champion bloodline 
  • Breeder’s years of breeding 
  • Purpose of buying (pet, show, or breeding)

What is included in the price also depends on country laws and the breeder himself. Ultimately, it also depends on where you live, shop, and what kind of food and squeaky toys you decide to spring for.

Basic Cost of Owning a Lowchen Dog or Puppy 

While it’s true that there is an investment involved with Lowchen dog care, it’s best to understand the details of dog care expenses.  

Types of expensesYearly estimate 
Food$120 to 500
Food and water bowls$10 to 50
Treats and chews$50 to $200
Collar and leash$20 to $50
Dog bed and crate$50 to $200
Toys$25 to $50
Vaccine and routine care$100 to 350
Flea/tick prevention$40 to 200

The first year with your new Lowchen dog can cost twice the typical annual cost of subsequent years, so be prepared.

Lowchen Dog Price: The Extras

Any new dog or puppy will come with substantial expenses. Beyond the basics, some additional Lowchen puppy costs may pop up. Some are just for fun and puppy wags but others are necessary medical care. Either way, if you can spare some cash, it may help with the ones listed below.

  • Emergency veterinary care: Routine veterinary care is a huge part of keeping your Lowchen healthy. Any dog may develop health issues or need treatment for unexpected illnesses that could run you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $1000.  
  • Professional grooming: A basic wash, nail trim and teeth-cleaning will run you considerably less. However, serious professional grooming could cost up to $500 a year for a Lowchen. Between the cost of grooming tools and visits to the groomer, you can plan on spending anywhere from $30 to $500 a year.
  • Spaying/ neutering: When the time comes to have your Lowchen puppy spayed or neutered, expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $700.
  • Training: If your new Lowchen puppy needs help with socialization or behavior, it may need some training. The range of training cost varies depending on where you live and how many classes you take. $250 a year should cover several beginner classes but many trainers offer low-cost training, too. 
  • Boarding and dog sitting: There are places where you can’t bring along your pet. If you will be leaving your Lowchen at home, it could cost $15–50 per day for pet sitting or boarding.
  • Dog walking: Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to factor in the expense of a dog walker. The cost of a dog walker can average $20 per walk. For one $20 walk once a day for every weekday of the month, you can expect to pay about $400 per month for dog walking.
  • Toys, treats, collars, and other accessories: The cost of dog accessories depends on you, with prices varying depending on tastes and budgets. Bedding costs can also vary depending on the brand, size, and materials used.

All of these items can add up quickly. So, ensure you estimate anywhere from $500 – $2000 or more for the first year of owning a Lowchen.

The best way to stay prepared is to save extra money, if possible. With some planning, you can defray any unexpected health costs. Pet insurance is one way to manage the unexpected veterinary cost of a Lowchen.

Lowchen Puppy Dog
Lowchen Puppy Dog

Female and Male Lowchen Price Differences

There is not much substantial difference between male and female Lowchens. Many breeders will sell their puppies for the same price, irrespective of gender. 

Female Lowchens typically cost more than males because there is more demand for females. The higher cost is due to females being more desirable, often for breeding purposes.

However, there are different medical costs for both genders. The young female Lowchen can experience menstruation and is required to get spayed.

How Long do Lowchen Dogs Live For?

Lowchen dogs have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. This can only be achieved with proper care and nutrition.

Regular vet checkups are also important to help them reach their life expectancy. Lowchens are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they’re prone to certain health conditions.

In case of any problems, remember that the sooner you seek medical attention, the better the outcome will be for your Lowchen.

Lowchen Dog Price
Lowchen Dog Price

What to Look for in a Purebred Lowchen Puppy?

Here is  how to find healthy puppies and what you should look for in a purebred Lowchen puppy:

  • Look for a responsible breeder: Always go for a responsible breeder who follows good breeding practices. They take special care in breeding their dogs for good health and temperament. This will increase your chances of ending up with a happy, healthy Lowchen that lives for a long time. Avoid puppy mills and support a reputable breeder.
  • Contract of sale

The breeder should give you a contract of sale or purchase agreement.

  • Lowchen Parents

There is no better way to see how your Lowchen will grow up than by looking at its parents. The breeder should allow you to see the puppy with its parents and the rest of the litter. It will help you to know your Lowchen’s temperament, size, and appearance.

  • Vet Records

Ask the breeder to provide you with the Lowchen puppy’s vet records, including vaccination cards. Health records can help you determine if the puppy or its parents have any hereditary diseases.

  • Documentation

Verify all paperwork for the Lowchen puppy. Also, ask for the Kennel Club Registration paperwork for the registered puppy.

  • Microchipping

The breeder should provide the microchip transfer paperwork with the microchip number on it.

What to Do if You Lose your Lowchen?

Don’t delay if your Lowchen dog has gone missing and doesn’t have an identification tag, don’t delay. You can take the following steps to help bring your Lowchen home to safety: 

  • Search your neighborhood and let people know your Lowchen is missing. Ask neighbors if they have seen your pet.
  • Check where your Lowchen could have become trapped, like in basements or garages.
  • Check with your local shelters every day.
  • Call all animal control agencies in your surrounding area.
  • Use your Lowchen’s photo to make “lost pet” signs and put them up in your neighborhood.
  • If your Lowchen has a microchip, alert your microchip company so that your Lowchen can be flagged as lost.

Act fast! Don’t waste days hoping your Lowchen dog will come home. The sooner you begin your search, the better the odds of finding your pet.

Lowchen Dog Price Explained
Lowchen Dog Price Explained

Final Thoughts on Lowchen Dog Price

Owning a Lowchen brings great joy despite the cost of looking after your pet throughout its lifetime. It is always important pet lovers do their research before owning a Lowchen. You need to budget for ongoing expenses apart from the initial price.

Lowchen puppies are wonderful companion dogs who will get along happily with other pets.

If the costs fit your budget and you’re ready to welcome your new best friend, you can start planning to bring home a Lion dog. Just remember to add a line item for tail wags and wet-nosed kisses.

Having a Lowchen dog for a family pet can be expensive, though! Before you bring home a new addition to your household, it’s smart to make sure you can afford one.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! Did you find it helpful? Feel free to share your thoughts and questions. We would be happy to hear from you!

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Lowchen Dog Price
Lowchen Dog Price


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