Beagle Pros and Cons


Beagle Pros & Cons: What to Expect Before Adopting a Beagle

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Consider the pros and cons of owning a Beagle before deciding. Get practical advice from the experts at to help you make the right choice for your furry friend!

Beagles are an all-in-one package packed with your favorite traits but there are Beagle pros and cons that you must know. Beagles are smart, intelligent, loyal, energetic, and friendly, and an ultimate fun partner.

These beauties have a long and slightly domed skull, round to almond-shaped eyes (soft and expressive), triangular-shaped ears, and attractive bodies.

They come in various pretty shades, from lemon and white, white and chocolate, red and white, white and tan, orange and white, chocolate tri, and tri-colors. They never failed to catch one’s eye with attractive and appealing colors.

No doubt, Beagles are so far the best dog to adopt, but there are few things that must be considered before getting one.

The article entails every single piece of information related to Beagles. It is the ultimate guide for people planning to get one for themselves.

Beagle Dog Info

The Beagle is most famous as Snoopy in the “Peanuts” comics and is one of America’s most popular dogs. He’s a good hunter and looks like a miniature foxhound.

In the 1500s, the Beagle was used in England for chasing rabbits, and the name is supposedly derived from the French word “be’geule” which describes the Beagle’s baying sound when chasing game.

Beagles make great pets. They’re easy to look after and love the company of people and other dogs and animals. They can also be very mischievous, especially when following scents.

The American Kennel Club has two varieties of heights. One is 13 inches, and the other is 15 inches. They can be any hound color, including lemon, white and red and tri-color.

Beagle Pros and Cons
Beagle Pros and Cons

Beagle’s Personality Traits

Beagles have an incredible personality like no other dog breed. Their loyalty and commitment are unquestionable. They own things as they are.

Some of their personality traits are;

●     Intelligent

Beagles emblems the true meaning of intelligence. They are intelligent enough to learn new things and adapt to changes frequently.

Hint: A well-trained dog can also dial numbers in case of an emergency.

●     Loyal

Beagles emblems the true meaning of loyalty. They are one of the most loyal breeds. They form a never-ending bond with their owner and feel happy around him.

Whether you’re out for a walk or backyard gardening, they’ll never leave you alone.

●     Temperament

Beagles are an even-tempered breed neither too pushy nor mousy. They are loving and calm. Their playful nature makes them the best dog you’ve ever had!

●     Explorative  

Beagles are the best explorers. They sniff and track the scent to find hidden items and explore new things.

Exploring is their favorite hobby and they stay focused once they decide to find anything. However, they easily get bored and quit when unable to track the scent.

●     Determined

Beagles are determined and focused. Once they set a mind on something, they are never distracted until the goal is accomplished. They stick around their decisions and follow their nose.

Are Beagles Destructive?

Beagles are known for their jaunty personalities. But yes, there are some BUTS that will make you think are beagles destructive?

These highly energized dogs are not for everyone. They can be weird and naughty in some situations.

Here are some situations where your buddy may act in a destructive manner or exhibit aggressive chewing.

●     Teething?

Is your puppy in a teething phase? A process in which his 42 adult teeth are turfed out, replacing the 28 milk teeth.

The teething process can cause discomfort and intense itching, triggering destructive behavior and aggressive chewing.

●     They are Alone

Just like human infants, Beagles need attention, care, and love. Their mingling personality cannot live alone.

If they are left alone, they may suffer from separation anxiety and end up ruining almost all objects that come their way.

●     Training

Training beagles can be hard and may get destructive when they find something challenging.

Beagle Pros and Cons
Beagle Pros and Cons

7 Inside Scoop of Beagle Pros

The cutest breed offers a bulk of advantages to reap. Their amazing personality will make you extremely happy and full of bliss and drown your sorrows.

Here we are listing the seven inside scoops of Beagle Pros;

1.   Sociable

Beagles love people! Beagles are sociable and get along with every person.

They love human company and warmly welcome visitors to their place. They jump out of joy and engage in different activities with them.

If you’ve kids at your place, I am sure the Beagles will lift their spirits and spend more and more time playing with them.

2.   Pet-friendly

Beagles have a playful personality. They enjoy playing with their neighbor’s pets and making new friends.

Their mingling personality is loaded with canine social skills. Beagles are worth spending time with, and every pet deserves to spend their puppyhood with them.

Note: Not every Beagle is pet-friendly and can knock off other dogs that come in his way.

3.   Epicure

Beagles are foodies! Their foodaholic nature encourages them to join you at the dining table if it smells delicious.

They are potential consumers and consume everything that is accessible i.e., shoes, clothes, and beds.

IMPORTANT: Ensure they intake healthy food and the right amount of calories.

4.   Lively

Beagles are the liveliest creature. They are packed in an energized body, which makes them active and sportive all the time.

They are ready for new adventures and different activities. Their playful and energized spirit will keep you entertained around the clock.

5.   Infinite Love

Beagles are a bundle of infinite love, love that we always crave. These buddies love their families above all things.

They love to cuddle up with their human friends. They will jump onto your bed or canapé to seek your attention with their Christmassy personality.

6.   Low Maintenance Breed

Dogs with long hair and fluffy coats are harder to maintain. But Beagles are different. They have short coats, which require low maintenance.

Give a bath, brush them twice weekly, trim nails, and clean earwax when needed. Make a timely visit to the vet for regular medical checkups and vaccination.

7.   Need A Therapist?  

Beagles were originally bred as hunting dogs. However, their versatile personality works as therapists for many dog owners, and adult Beagles make excellent therapy dogs. Their happy-go-lucky personality, intelligence, and smartness catch a vibe if something’s wrong and help you escape sadness.

Beagle Pros and Cons
Beagle Pros and Cons

10 Reasons Not to Get a Beagle

Beagles are undoubtedly friendly, lively, smart, and easily get along with kids. But they can be a problem too. So before you commit to a long-lasting relationship, glance at the ten reasons not to get a Beagle for yourself.

1.   Prone to Allergies

Beagles go through a lot of skin allergies. These can be caused by food, seasonal, or environmental changes. These allergies may also result in skin roughness, dandruff, itchiness, and scratching.

2.   Will Dig Your Backyard

You’ve got a beautiful backyard in your house? Forget about it. Beagles will dig up your whole lavish garden. These mud lovers will roll over everywhere and destroy your garden with massive messes.

3.   Shed A Lot

Beagles have short hair, but the question stands upright ‘Do beagles shed?’ The answer is YES, A LOT!

This Beagles shed a lot in all seasons, especially in summer and spring. Their constant 24/7 shedding requires a lot of grooming to maintain their coat.

Note: If you’re tired of their hair sticking on your clothes and couches, this breed is not for you.

4.   Stubborn

I WASN’T WRONG when I said the breed is packed with love and a bundle of energy. But they can be stubborn too!

Once they are smacked down, they only obey commands which may benefit them at the moment. They will keep gazing into your eyes and won’t value your endless efforts.

5.   Harder To Train

Training Beagles can be challenging due to their stubborn behavior and may involve firm monitoring. Teaching them basic home ethics, for instance, greeting guests with a smile and sharing toys and other belongings, can be exhausting.

However, precise and interesting training sessions stimulate quick and positive learning behavior.

6.   Loud and Excessive Barking

Beagles are considered to be the descendants of the Southern Hound. Being a Hound family member, beagles have adopted a loud vocal and sharp howling.

Beagles are not the right choice for those who prefer a calm and tranquil evening.

7.   Strong Sense of Smelling

Having a strong sense is definitely a pro factor. However, the benefit will become a problem when your Beagle friend stops to sniff new scents every second.

If you’re considering getting a Beagle for workouts, he’s not the perfect choice. Their constant sniffing, jumping, and mingling personalities will distract you.

8.   Mischievous

With Beagle puppies as your pet, be prepared to see all your stuff being chewed and misplaced. Yes, their playful tricks will hide all your things.

If you own a Beagle or are considering getting one, ensure your house is puppy-proof. However proper training can overcome this habit, but if overlooked, you won’t find most of your things at their places.

9.   Forget Security

Beagles are protective and care for their families, especially children. But their jaunty personality doesn’t allow them to be an excellent watchdog.

They please everyone from when people enter your home till they shove off. So if you want an excellent guard, the Beagles are not the sensible choice.

10.  Health Diseases

Just like other dog breeds, Beagles are prone to many health issues. For instance, ear infections, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, disk disease, cherry eye, and more.

However, regular visits to the vet may overcome health diseases. P.S. If you’re adopting a puppy for the very first time, Beagles shouldn’t be your call.

Cost of Buying a Beagle 

The cost of buying a Beagle ranges from $500 to $2000, with an average cost of $1,154. However, in some cases, the cost may increase to $6000 or more, depending on the breeder you’re buying from.

Going for a reliable breeder is advised as it counts in a dog’s health. The initial cost of buying a dog may increase due to first-year expenses, which include:

  • Health insurance
  • Medical checkups
  • Health record
  • Health license
  • Physical examination tests
  • And more
Beagle Pros and Cons
Beagle Pros and Cons

Beagle’s Feeding Expenses

Beagles grow 20 to 30 lbs each year, and the quantity of food eventually increases as per their growth. After leafing over multiple contents, it is concluded that the average initial cost of feeding a Beagle is $125 and it increases to $135 in subsequent years.

Annual Food Expense Range ($) Average Cost ($)
Young dog $75 – $175 $125
Adult dog $70 – $225 $135

Note: The price may vary between standard and premium food brands.

Beagle puppy
Beagle puppy

Beagle’s Cost of Supplies

Supplies help the Beagles to adjust to your home easily. They take care of your new dog. After extensive research, it is concluded that the average supplies cost ranges from $150 to $650.

Here we’ve prepared a list of supplies and their cost (in $) that you will need for your new canine friend.

Note: All the supplies are taken from Amazon, Walmart, and PetSmart.

Supplies Range ($) Average Cost ($)
Food and water bowls $5 – $20 $10
Leash $5 – $20 $10
Collars $5 – $40 $20
ID tag with a phone number $5 – $20 $10
Crate (48” or 60”) $20 – $80 $40
Bed (48” or 60”) $15 – $65 $35
Poop Scooper $10 – $30 $20
Disposable Poop Bags (900 to 1080) $15 – $110 $55
Stains and Odor Removal Spray $5 -$20 $10
House Training Pads (75 – 100) $15 – $45 $25
First Aid Kit $15 – $50 $30
Toys $15 – $50 $30
Brush $5 – $45 $15
Shampoo $5 -$20 $10
Tooth-brushing Kit $5 -$20 $10
Toenail Clippers $5 -$20 $10

Are Beagles Good With Kids? 

Beagles have a jolly and lively personality. They are indeed a great companion. But this is not the end of the debate. The question “Are Beagles good with kids? ” The answer is YES! This is one of the dog breeds which love children.

Beagles have a lively personality, just like a child. They are energetic, hide and seek things, roll over everywhere, and get along with the next person/pet they see.

Beagles have an endearing nature and love socializing with kids, especially those that match their energy level. You’ll see their best when the family is more giving.  Beagles love to play and have an incredible sense of fun,

These pups are easy-going, loyal, sweet, tolerant, and above all, they are good guard dogs.

IMPORTANT: Beagle owners need to be aware this dog breed has a happy-go-lucky personality but sometimes is too boisterous with kids out of excitement (having no bad intentions). Beagle owners need to teach them how to get along with kids and infants is necessary.

Beagle puppy
Beagle puppy

Final Verdict on Beagle Pros and Cons

Beagles are great for families and individuals wanting to add furry joy to their homes. Considering the pros and cons Beagles bring, one should still be aware that even though they make wonderful companions, they require dedication, patience, and regular exercise.

Of course, the payoff is huge: a gorgeous puppy with incredible loyalty who will forever stay by your side! Remember to choose wisely when owning any companion canine or feline because there is no feeling like holding a beloved pet.

Beagles are fabulous in all aspects! They are incredible at sharing love, affection, and time with their human buddies.

Like all other dog breeds, Beagles also have pros and cons, but Beagles pros outrank everything.

These beauties are pure love, and you’ll want to get one for yourself.

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