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Guide To Dog Ownership Costs. How Much do Puppies Cost?

The true cost of owning a dog is a huge financial and emotional commitment. You don’t get a dog and, in a week’s time, return him to the shelter. Buying your new pet is just the first step in your pet ownership story. This guide explains exactly how much do puppies cost and covers various expenses that you’ll probably encounter at some stage in your pet’s life. It also explains how to care for your … Read more…

friends for life book: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion

FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Tips on Choosing the Perfect Canine Companion

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in purchasing a puppy. As you read this book and get the questions answered, take notes of important information. Also, whenever you research breeder websites or ask questions of breeders via email, phone or in person, you can develop your own “manual” to help you decide which specific breed you want and allow you to put all information in one place. 1. Learn the facts about purebred dogs. … Read more…

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Pups For Sale

It has come to our attention that SCAMMERS are claiming to be CaninePals.  WE DO NOT SELL PUPS. CaninePals.Com is all about Dog and Puppy Education. Alert the authorties if you are offered a puppy by anyone claiming to be CaninePal.Com. Good luck and keep safe.

Buying A Puppy For Christmas?

Lots of people consider buying a puppy for Christmas for a range of reasons. Puppies are fun to play with and give you and your family unconditional love. A puppy should never become part of your family on an impulse purchase. A puppy should not be confused with a toy or any other material possession. It’s not something to be enjoyed or used when you want to, and then set aside until you want to … Read more…