West Highland White Terrier

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The West Highland White Terrier originally came from Poltalloch in Scotland and was called the Poltalloch Terrier. He was also called the Roseneath Terrier, named after the Duke of Argyll’s estate. He first popped up in the US in 1906 under the Roseneath name but was changed to his current name in 1909. His nickname is the “Westie.”

He loves show events including agility, conformation and obedience. His double coat is bright white in colour. The outer coat is rough and the undercoat is dense and soft. He has great determination and devotion, loves people and is very affectionate. He makes a great travel companion because of his size. He loves being with people. He needs to be brushed every day and also needs regular clipping and stripping. He’s 10 – 11 inches in height.