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Every time your Chow Chow barks, you might be wondering what he is trying to tell you. This article will give you insights into Chow Chow barking and how to stop excessive barking.

To provide detailed insights about Chow Chow barking and to answer your questions, do Chow Chow bark a lot to Chow Chow barking sound, everything is covered up in this article.

It’s no surprise that most Chow Chows don’t bark a lot. They’re not known for being noisy. Their barking is typically limited to certain situations, like when they spot something new or feel threatened.

Many owners will find that their Chow Chows are more likely to bark when they see something new or feel threatened. They typically don’t go about making an all-out barking noise as many dogs do, but some people have reported a soft howl from these animals on rare occasions as well.

If you want to buy a quiet dog breed, the Chow Chow might be just what you want. This breed isn’t known for excessive barking and will rarely make any noise.

Chow Chows are also very gentle pet dogs because most won’t ever growl or snap-growl in anger as many other dog breeds on occasion but rather keep it low-key by vocalizing only when necessary.

Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading below;

Chow Chows are woolly and drop-dead gorgeous. Resembling a fluffy bear dog with its teddy bear face and lion-like mane. American Kennel Club pedigreed Chows have broad skulls, almond-shaped eyes that emblems spooky and snooty looks, small erect ears with rounded tips, a bluish-black tongue, and dense, sleek coats in cream, deep cinnamon, red, blue, and black colors.

Their overloaded cuteness is affirmed by Walt Disney in their famous movies, Our Christmas and The Lady and the Tramp, in which the Chows were bestowed as the beautiful Christmas gift.

Chows are known for their protective nature, loyalty, calmness and set an example of a perfect companion. Sounds like a perfect pet dog, uh?   No doubt, they are!

But, like every other dog breed, Chows, along with their positive traits, proudly own some negative traits as well.

Something About Their Barking – Do Chow Chow Bark Often?

Chows have a very dominating fatherly personality, who look after you, protect you, and ensure that you’re doing well. However, they make a protective shell around you like your mother to save you from the highs and lows of the world.

Being overly protective, these dogs tend to be aggressive and loud, which makes people ponder, ‘Do Chow Chow bark?’

The answer to this frequently asked question is simply NO; Chows don’t bark a lot and prefer to remain silent heedless of the specific uncertain situations where they feel in jeopardy.

Certainly, there are some deviations to every rule, and most Chows are full of life and bustle.

P.S. The training contributes to their level of barking. Make sure you incorporate every single thing that triggers their unbearable barking behavior.

Chow Chow Barking
Chow Chow Barking

7 Reasons Why Is My Chow Chow Barking

Chow Chows are low-key dogs that are soft-pedaled and subdued. But this doesn’t mean they don’t bark. They bark when situations are unbridled; the owner has to figure out the reason that triggers his bark.

Note: Chows have bad, weak eyes, but their sniffing sense is thousands of times more than other dogs. So it might be difficult to comprehend why he is barking, or is it a good bark or a bad one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chow Chow barking; when, why do Chow Chow’s bark?

1.   He is Welcoming You!

Imagine coming home after a hectic, weary day, ready to drop, but Chow Chows are waiting for you. He welcomes you with loud barking, tail wagging, and a sprightly soul. Chow Chows love their family members, and no doubt they bark a lot when they are happy to see them coming home after a long day.

2.   They Have Trust Issues

Chows have trust issues, especially when it comes to the safety of their loved ones. They cannot trust any person or pet around them and take their responsibilities very seriously.

They are potential barkers if they sniff any strangers around them.

3.   Bark in front of Other Animals

Chow Chows tend to bark in front of other dogs they don’t know. Their protective nature always urges them to alert their owners of unusual situations and inclines them to bark.

4.   Barking in Front of People

Chow Chows bark a lot in front of people they are not familiar with, strangers often trigger their barking behavior.

5.   They Want All Your Attention

Chow Chows are attention seekers, and so are other dogs. They yearn for human love and affection and will take all your love. However, if the situations are contrary and they lack human attention, the only option left with them is barking, barking, and barking.

They will continue to bark until they have your 100% attention. Their basic need is love, followed by food. P.S. They can give much much much love in return!

6.   Feeling Lonely

Chows are pack animals who cannot stay alone for a longer time. They feel exhausted and develop separation anxiety when left alone. This dim and distant feeling leads to shipwrecking bark.

7.   They are Sniffing Dangers

When any person or animal enters Chow’s territory, they get alarmed, alert, and vigilant, followed by loud barking. When the danger is on the horizon, the barking becomes louder.

 Chow Chow Barking
Chow Chow Barking

Some Tips to Prevent Chow Chow Barking

Chows bark a lot at times which can be unbearable. Stopping them is the only option left but shutting them off completely isn’t a suitable choice. It is preferable to tone them down through training. Here are a couple of tips that will put light on discouraging Chow Chow barking.

1.   Pinpoint the Sources that is Causing Barking

Your Chow is barking; the first thing you can do is highlight the root cause of inducement, which can help you find the solution to it. For instance, if you observe your puppy barking because your neighbor and his puppy are out for a walk, the feasible option is to shake hands with the owner and try to introduce him and the puppy to your furry Chow.

Once he knows them well, the barking will automatically tone down. Make sure your puppy is habituated to everything you normally do or people who casually visit your place.

2.   Engage Him In Various Activities

As discussed, these dogs were bred for herding and guarding sheep and cattle, which alludes that they are not couch potatoes who would sit at one place the entire day without causing disruption. They can create a mighty fuss. Keeping them engaged in various activities that include mental and physical work can make them tired enough to sleep instead of barking.

3.   Reign Over with Commands

This breed needs to be supervised with care and love or be ready to handle the aggression. Reigning over with commands is the most effective, tried, and tested method. For instance, whenever your puppy starts barking, rub his ears, lean over him, and whisper ‘be quiet’ and ‘calm down.

As soon as he obeys your commands and tranquilizes, treat him with his favorite meal or toy. Your little appraisal means a lot to your puppy, and he will surely repeat the action and will make improvements in his barking behavior.

4.   Distract Him With a Ball

Like most other dogs, Chows love to play with balls. If they are barking for no reason, distract them with a ball. Throw the ball and let him fetch it. This will keep him engaged and happy. P.S. Giving the chew toys will keep their boredom at bay.

5.   Turn a Deaf Ear!

Many times, Chow’s bark to gain their owner’s attention. The barking can be prevented when their annoying action is neglected from time to time. Once again, reward them for being quiet to sustain the behavior.

6.   Other Methods to Prevent Barking 

Chow Chows are habitual of barking at inappropriate times, which can be toned down by snuggling them or making them feel wanted. However, sometimes these methods are not much effective. In this situation, using dog-friendly equipment is at the top of the ladder.

These simple and easy tactics include;

  • Use bark collars
  • Use spray water bottles.
 Chow Chow Barking
Chow Chow Barking

Chow Chow Barking Sound

Chow Chow barks by making a reverse sneezing sound. It happens when the Chow intake too much air through the nose, stretches the neck, expands the chest, and narrows the windpipe. The Chow Chow barking sound resembles the pig’s hacking, hawking, and gasping, accompanied with the other disturbing and horrifying sounds.

Facts About Chow Chows

Chow Chows are woolly and drop-dead gorgeous. Resembling a teddy bear face and lion-like mane. Chows have broad skulls, almond-shaped eyes that emblems spooky and snooty looks, small erect ears with rounded tips, a bluish-black tongue, and dense, sleek coats in cream, cinnamon, red, blue, and black colors.

Their overloaded cuteness is affirmed by Walt Disney in their famous movies, Our Christmas and The Lady and the Tramp, in which the Chows were bestowed as the beautiful Christmas gift.

Chows are known for their protective nature, loyalty, calmness and set an example of a perfect companion. Sounds like a perfect dog, uh?   No doubt, they are!

But, like every other dog breed, chows, along with their positive traits, proudly own some negative traits as well.

These amazing dogs are as watchful as a hawk; however, they can be aggressive and loud at times, depending upon the situation. Sometimes, it can be your worst agony that will urge you to put your favorite book down and tranquilize them.

Chow Chow’s true origins are unknown but his image appears in sculptures and pottery belonging to the Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC to 22 AD.) He was a multi-purpose dog used as hunting dogs,  herding, pulling sleds, and guarding the home. Some think he was the ancestor of the Pomeranian, Norwegian Elkhound, Samoyed, and Keeshond. Many people think he is related to the Chinese Shar Pei. 

This is an Arctic type of dog, with a blue-black tongue, sturdy, powerful body, and heavy bones. Today his main role is as a companion and he’s loyal to his family. He needs to be around friendly people early in his life and receive proper training from a young age. Often preferring one person and is wary of strangers. He also performs in various Kennel Club shows. He is a great dog for apartment life.

His colors can be light fawn, cream, cinnamon, black, blue, and red. The Chow Chow is independent and can be stubborn. His thickly furred, double coat needs regular bathing and grooming to care for his double coat. His height is 17 – 20 inches. Owing to this dog breed’s construction he has a stilted gait.

o Chow Chow bark a lot
o Chow Chow bark a lot

Chow Chow Personality Traits

The square in profile, the Chows resemble a stuffed toy breed. They are cute, fluffy, and have unique facial features like Poms. With profound personalities and graciousness, these dogs have a subtle charm like no other. Here’s everything you need to know about their personality.

1.   They are Reserved

Chows are introverts, like no other dogs. They share feelings and emotions only with people they are close to. These emotionally stable dogs are in-born leaders with a handful of agitation but benevolence and sincerity at a substantial level.

These dogs are reserved and stately in front of other pets and people but will whirl around you and enjoy a good nap on your lap when alone.

2.   They Stand-alone

They don’t need you in any of their tasks! I repeat, THEY DON’T NEED YOU!

They are good decision-makers who make the right decision at the right time. They know their moves and can stand for themselves. Despite their medium size, Chows can handle large tasks single-handedly.

You’re thinking of lending a helping hand, oh please, perch on the couch and keep watching his smart moves.

P.S. These dogs do best with people who understand their aloof nature and respect their independence.

3.   Loyal, Loyal, Loyal!

Isn’t it drooling that a dog who is stubborn and stand-alone can be loyal?

Like other dogs, Chows are a loyal breed; unlike other dogs, they don’t show loyalty to everyone. They are picky when it comes to making friends, showing love, affection, and empathy.

Since these dogs are bred for hunting and guarding, they’ll always protect you despite the circumstances. In case they slip the leash and get off, don’t worry, they will come back after a while!

P.S. If they have chosen you as their favorite person, God, you’re the luckiest because they do everything to please their loved ones.

4.   Sniff Sniff!

As these dogs are primarily meant for hunting, they are neophiliac and have a wonderful sense of smell. They can smell the novelty of the surroundings, sniff danger, and can notify you if something is wrong.

5.   What is Noise?

Yeah, these are aggressive dogs, but not all the time. They are quiet and calm until something disturbs or distracts them.

6.   Strength Like No Other

Chows were used to herd, pull, and guard sheep and cattle. Their stamina and resilience match no other. If you want to reposition your couch to create a stylish impression, ask your furry Chow to help you out! They are bona fide and will perform the task in a couple of minutes.

7.   Say Goodbye to Housebreaking

Chows entail every quality of an ideal watchdog. They are perfect house dogs and make you feel protective round the clock.

They are smart, vigilant, brave as lions, and aloof. Despite their medium size, these dogs can stand up against the biggest danger that comes in their way. They will never allow any stranger to enter the house without their owner’s permission, which keeps the Bulgars at bay.

If you’re looking for an ideal watchdog that can look after your house even in your absence, Chows are the right choice.

8.   Heavy Shedders!

Buckle up! Your Chows need grooming! These furry toy breeds shed a lot and require a lot of maintenance and grooming sessions. The brushing and bathing sessions must be carried out twice or thrice times a week. And sometimes, you may also need a groomer to get your Chow trimmed.

P.S. A warm bath and utter blow-drying can make the cleaning process easier. It will also keep the coat shiny and smooth.

9.   As Fearless as a Strong-Winged Eagle

Chow Chows not only resemble the teddy bear’s face and lion-like mane, but they also second the bear and lions in nature as well. They are steady and strangely fearless. They can, at times, become unusually stubborn.

They can be brave as a lion and willing to fight despite the size of the opponent’s dog.

If you’re planning to own a Chow, it is important to set a boundary for their extremely powerful and strong-willed nature.

These dogs are not for everyone. They can be potentially aggressive when scolded and taken advantage of. A breed that cannot stand disrespect, firmness, and stubborn ownership, but they can be extremely friendly and caring when raised in good hands.

 Chow Chow Barking
Chow Chow Barking

Final Words About Chow Chow Barking  

Chows are the cutest breed, and they know it. They can capture the show with their furry bunny features.  Despite their jaw-dropping peculiarities, the question still stands ‘do Chow Chow bark a lot?’. The answer is NO; they don’t bark unnecessarily; instead, their barking always has a reason; one should be smart enough to catch the initiating cause.

Whenever you undergo a situation where your Chows are barking, follow the methods this article details.

IMPORTANT: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT yell or scold your Chow puppy, or else you’re in huge danger. Cheers!

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