Finnish Spitz

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The Finnish Spitz is Finland’s national dog and was originally called the Finnish Barking Birddog and the Finnish Cock-Eared Dog. He hunts small animals and birds and barks or “yodels” and points with his muzzle and head to tell his master where the prey is caught. He almost became extinct in the late 1800s when bred with other dogs but was rescued by two sportsmen from Helsinki.

He looks like a red fox with a bushy, plumed tail, erect ears and a dense, double coat. He’s intelligent, agile and lively and loves staying active and enjoying the company of his family. His coat ranges from a deep auburn to a pale honey colour. As he sheds, he needs regular bathing and brushing. He must have a moderate amount of exercise. He stands at 15.5 – 20 inches high.