The Keeshond is descended from various dogs including the Samoyed, Pomeranian, Norwegian Elkhound, Chow Chow and the Finnish Spitz. He was popular in Holland during the late 1700s and became a symbol of Kees de Gyselaer, the leader of the Dutch Patriot political party who had a dog named Kees. Once defeated, they became very rare but resurfaced in America and England 100 years later.

The Keeshond was a watchdog on farms, barges and riverboats. This dog has a fox-like expression and his coat is coloured black, cream and gray with various shaded colouring and “spectacles” around the eyes. He’s a good-natured, affectionate dog and relates well to people and other dogs. He’s a fast learner and is full of energy, needing regular exercise. His coat should be brushed twice each week. He’s 17 – 18 inches high.