American, Eskimo, Dog

American Eskimo Dog

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American, Eskimo, DogThe American Eskimo Dog is a Nordic dog, known for his white coat, black points (nose, lips and rims of his eyes) and his erect, triangular ears. He used to be a circus dog but today is mainly used as a companion and also participates in shows for agility, obedience and conformity. His double white coat has a dense, short undercoat and that’s covered by longer hairs that protect his body and stand out from the body. His ancestors were the Keeshond, the German Spitz, the Italian Spitz and the white Pomeranian.

This dog is very alert, intelligent and friendly but also makes a great watchdog because he can be fiercely protective of his family and home. He’s a fast learner and keen to please. He needs exercise every day. As his coat sheds hair, it must be bathed and brushed regularly. There are three types of the American Eskimo Dog: standard, miniature and toy. The sizes range down from 19 to 9 inches high from the shoulders.

Photo by Robert Southworth, 2004-9-4.