American Eskimo Dog Facts

American Eskimo Dog Facts & Information

Get the facts you need about the American Eskimo Dog breed at CaninePals.com! Learn practical tips, helpful advice, and fun facts about these beloved dogs. An American Eskimo dog looks like an ultimate snow angel.  With an Eskie (the American Eskimo’s nickname), a cuddle or two is enough to melt your heart. The poofy Eskimo takes no time winning your love. SURE! Still, many dog lovers want to know some interesting American Eskimo dog facts and … Read more…

Are American Eskimo Dogs Hypoallergenic?

Are American Eskimo Dogs Hypoallergenic? – Revealed!

When you think of buying an American Eskimo Dog wrapped in its white fur, the first thing that fantasizes you is a GREAT snuggle time. After all, who doesn’t crave warm hugs from the most adorable creature on the planet? Literally, EVERYONE! Meanwhile, you are busy daydreaming about being curled up with your cotton candy in the blanket, a serious question pops up in your mind and bursts the bubble. That is: Are American Eskimo dogs … Read more…