Standard Schnauzer

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The Standard Schnauzer is the oldest of the three Schnauzers and their prototype and originated in Germany. He used to protect the farmers when they went to market, kill vermin on the farm and guard livestock. His name comes from the word “schnauzer” which is German for beard and moustache, which he has on his muzzle. He’s intelligent but strong-willed so needs early training.

His wiry, harsh coat is black or salt and pepper in colour. He’s an athletic, sturdy dog who is recognised for his moustache, whiskers and arched eyebrows. He is often shown in performance and conformation rings and works as a search and rescue or therapy dog. He’s affectionate and sociable and really becomes a family member. He’s naturally protective and will warn you of any dangers. He needs daily exercise. His legs must be brushed a lot to stop matting. His body needs stripping at least 2-3 times a year to get rid of dead or loose hairs. He’s 17.5 – 19.5 inches high.