Basenji Colors

Get to Know all the Different Basenji Colors

Basenji is an ancient breed of canine usually used for hunting. They are known as “the barkless dog” because their larynx is shaped, preventing them from making the typical canine barking noise. However, the Basenji is not completely mute and has a characteristic yodeling sound. This loving dog would cheerfully use these yodels to communicate with their owners all day long! Anyone who sees a Basenji is positively affected by their loveable, amiable, and intellectual … Read more…

How Much Does a Basenji Cost?

Basenji Cost and Things to Know Before Getting One

This is the ultimate guide that entails every single piece of information you’re looking for, from traits and surprising facts to the Basenji cost. The Basenji has a fascinating history and is an intelligent, energetic dog whose bark sounds like a yodel. They possess the qualities of both dogs and cats, making them ideal companions for those with allergies or who live in apartments. The Basenji dog breed originated from African countries where they were … Read more…