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The Saluki is the oldest domestic dog and was the royal dog of Egypt. He was held in such high regard that his body was mummified with his Pharaoh master. Arabs used him to chase and catch gazelles, the fastest type of antelope. When he came to England in 1840, he was mainly used to hunt hare. Although he seems fragile and graceful, don’t let that fool you. He has great endurance and strength and is a keen hunter, able to cover long distances and tough terrain

Today he’s popular in show rings and in lure coursing events. He can have a smooth coat or a coat with feathers. His colours include cream, white, tan and grizzle, red, tan and black, tricolour and fawn. He can be taught to be obedient but needs consistency and patience. He must be kept in a fenced area or on a leash when exercising as he’ll chase anything that’s moving. He only sheds a little, needs to be brushed every week and to have an occasional bath. He’s 23 – 28 inches high.