Chihuahua Dogs

Male vs Female Chihuahua Facts

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Male vs Female Chihuahua Dogs

The reason why you stopped on this article is that your heart is set on adopting an adorable Chihuahua puppy or you might just be wrestling with an idea about getting a second chihuahua. You want to know which gender is better suited to your lifestyle. Should you buy a Chihuahua male or female? If you already have a male or a female Chihuahua, is it possible to adopt another as your second Chihuahua.

Sadly, these are not the easiest questions to answer, and they will require a lot of research. Some marked differentiation amongst the two genders can affect which one will be right for your household.

So to overcome this hurdle, we have compiled the most important personality traits of Chihuahuas below. These will certainly help you make a better decision.

Chihuahua Facts You Need to Know

The Chihuahua is sassy and intelligent and, even though he’s small, he shouldn’t be underestimated. The Chihuahua dog has two coat types, long coat and smooth coated varieties of this dog breed. His coat can be any colour and can be short or long. He’s ideal as a family pet due to his size.

He doesn’t need much exercise and is a great pet for apartments and city living. He can be extra sensitive to cold weather. If he has a short coat, it doesn’t need much grooming. If it’s long, it needs occasional brushing and grooming. He’s 6 – 9 inches tall and weighs less than 6 pounds.

Chihuahua Breed Origin

The Chihuahua is believed by some people to have descended from the Fennec Fox, a small creature with big ears and eyes. However, this isn’t necessarily accurate as his historical records are vague and Scientists do not believe a genetic connection is possible between the two different species.

This dog breed is named after the Mexican city where he was found. He is often used in religious ceremonies and as a pet for the upper class. He’s also known as a “purse dog” as he was used in the movie “Legally Blonde.”

Vital Stats About Chihuahua Dogs

Let’s have a look at some vital stats of Chihuahuas:

Stats Description
Dog Breed Group Toy group
Purpose Companion dogs
Temperament Devoted, Lively, Alert, Courageous, Quick, Sassy
Average Height 6 inches to 9 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight Range 3 to 6 pounds
Energy level Moderate
Exercise requirements Low; 20-30 minutes per day
Grooming Requirements Low
AKC Breed Popularity Ranks 33 of 197
Life Expectancy 12 to 20 years

Chihuahua Size: Male vs Female


The male Chihuahua is slightly taller than its counterpart and can grow up to 9 inches in height. However, their weight never exceeds 6 pounds, just like the female Chihuahua.


The female Chihuahuas are slightly shorter than the male counterparts. An adult female Chihuahua can grow up to 7 inches. However, their weight never exceeds 6 pounds, just like the male Chihuahua.

Chihuahua Temperament: Male vs Female

Deciding between a male or a female is not straightforward. No personality trait will hold 100% true for either gender. Each Chihuahua has a personality of its own and their temperaments depend upon various factors.

Below, we have described some outlining characteristics of each gender to give you a general idea of how your Chi may behave.

  1. Dominance. Chihuahua’s are dominant by nature and they are more than likely to challenge your authority. They will assert dominance by growling, biting, and barking if you do anything they don’t like. They will test you by ignoring your commands. This behavior however can be sorted out with the right training.In comparison, female chihuahuas are not concerned with dominance. Surprisingly, females manage to take an authoritative role while in the company of another male.
  2. Friendliness. Males are the clear winners when it comes to friendly nature. They tend to be more loving and affectionate. Males need more pats from their owners, so they will follow you around the house trying to please you. However, males can also be more jealous and overprotective of you. On the other hand, females do not need continuous affection. While they are pleased to be in your company, they do not require non-stop attention.
  3. Energy Level. Both male and female Chihuahuas have great energy levels. Although their small sizes mean that they will burn out more quickly as compared to large breeds. The main difference between the two genders is the ability to relax. Females can relax for longer periods. Males, on the other hand, are extremely fidgety. They have difficulty staying still and like to move around a lot.
  4.  Aggressiveness & Barking. Many people consider male chihuahuas to be more aggressive than the female chihuahua. Whereas some people might have contrasting thoughts. All these factors usually depend on your upbringing and training.In general, males will be a little more aggressive than females mainly due to their natural male instincts. Females bark a bit more because of mood swings and other irritations. Always remember, each Chihuahua will have a personality of its own.

Spayed and Neutered Chihuahua Dogs

A particularly important factor in the Chihuahua’s temperament is whether or not they have been fixed. When the pooch is not spayed or neutered, its instincts can be amplified. Hormones play a huge role in the physical and behavioral characteristics of a chihuahua and are different for each gender. First, let’s look at the female side of things and examine female Chihuahua behavior.

Chihuahua Dogs
Chihuahua Long Coat and Chihuahua Smooth Coat Dogs

Non-Spayed Female Chihuahuas

Female Chi’s that have not been spayed can have issues that are harder to deal with. Not fixing her means she will go through a regular heat cycle. This can cause behavioral and physical variances.
Below are some of the things non-spayed Chi girls will go through:

  1. Shedding. During a heat cycle, female chihuahuas shed more than usual. You will have more fur laying around the house with a non-spayed female.
  2. Blood. A female chihuahua in heat usually has blood spots. The amount varies depending on the female. You might not even notice the blood because it is a very small amount. But remember it will attract a lot of frisky males
  3. Staining. Female Chihuahuas also have a discharge during the heat cycle. It can vary from light to a thick gooey substance and can build up on pet beds other furniture. It is advised that you wash any fabrics your pup uses during these times.
  4. Mood Swings. Mood swings are another downside during the heat cycle, although the severity can vary with each chihuahua. As the hormones are fluctuating, some mood swings will be worse than others. Female chihuahuas might exhibit anxious behavior, low tolerance to being touched, and withdrawal. It is best to leave your pup alone during these times.

Non-Neutered Male Chihuahuas

Non- Neutered male Chihuahuas have their own set of personality characteristics. Here are some of the most common male Chihuahua behavior traits:

  1. Markings

All male Chihuahuas will feel the need to mark their territory. He will accomplish this by urinating a small amount on different items.

  1. Dominant Nature

Male Chihuahua tends to test the boundaries with their owners. This behavior will be amplified if they are not neutered. They will ignore basic commands and guard their belongings.

  1. Humping

All male Chihuahuas whether fixed or not will have the urge to hump. Surprisingly though this has nothing to do with mating.

  1. Escape Artist

A non-neutered male Chihuahua dog will look for ways to mate. This is their natural behavior and they can even smell a female in heat 3 miles away. That being said, you may not be able to see the reason why your pup abruptly gets anxious or wants to take off.

Finally, Chihuahuas that are not fixed are at a greater risk of certain health risks which brings us to our next topic.

Health Concerns of Males And Female Chihuahuas

Both male and female Chihuahuas are at risk for some potentially deadly health concerns. When they are not fixed, they are more likely to develop such serious diseases. First, we will start with the males. They are prone to developing the following:

  1. Cryptorchidism

This is where a male’s testicles don’t descend. As a result, the additional levels of testosterone can generate more aggressive behaviors, a higher risk of cancer, and a deadly condition called torsion.

  1. Prostate Cancer

This is a form of cancer most common in male dogs and will spread instantly to other parts of the body. Neutering your pup will lessen the possibility of him developing this disease.

Non-spayed female Chihuahuas have the following health issues: 

  1. Mammary Cancer

For non-spayed females, this form of cancer is the most common and almost a quarter of female chihuahuas develop this deadly disease.

  1. Tumors and Cysts 

Another painful health hazard, is the ovarian cysts and tumors. But this is not a common ailment of female chihuahuas.

Chihuahua Long Coat Dogs
Chihuahua Long Coat Dogs

Other than these issues, both male and female Chihuahuas will experience various other health problems during their lifetime. So it is best to get your beloved pal checked out regularly by a licensed vet.

Male v Female Chihuahuas: The Conclusion

After analysing all the data, you should be wondering as to which gender of a chihuahua is better for you. In order to narrow it down, here are two important factors that you should take into account:

  1. Firstly, if you do not want to neuter or spay your pup, then it is wise to look around your neighbourhood for other dogs. If you have other dogs that are also not spayed or neutered living around, then it might get messy when their natural instincts take over.

Even if you take control of the situation from your end, you still might want to scope the other dogs in your neighbourhood. Male Chihuahuas will do better if you have a park nearby for his daily walks. In comparison, females will do better in apartments or smaller homes.

  1. Secondly if you already own a pet and specifically a dog. It is better to observe how he or she reacts when you bring another pet home.

But in the end you have to decide as to which gender suits you best.

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