Male Vs Female Poodle

Male Vs Female Poodle: Amazing Facts about the Poodle

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Magnificent. Classy. Clever. The Poodle is a noble-looking well-balanced dog with impressive hairdos and a slender muzzle. This affectionate peer is a pure breed dog with a lot of hidden talents. The intelligence of this dog breed is world-famous. Poodles are loyal and highly trainable dogs, capable enough to complete any task you put them into.

The Elegance, agility, and confidence of this breed are unquestionable. Their charming physical appearance has been making people fall for them for a long time. Despite their luxurious traits, the curly-haired companion easily adapts to any environment.

If you have chosen a Poodle as a friend for life, the next thought popping into your mind must be “male vs female Poodle, which one should you get?” To find an answer to this question, let’s observe this breed’s most common traits. Dive in to learn all about this royal baby!

Male Vs Female Poodle
Male Vs Female Poodle

Male Vs Female Poodle: Which One is Better?

The controversy of male vs female Poodle isn’t new. Some people believe that having a male Poodle dog is better than having a female one. Others have different perspectives. You can say this debate is not limited to humans after all. 😉

However, to know whether you are looking for a male or a female puppy, you need to identify the differences between them. Both male and female Poodles have some minor differences in their personalities. Both dogs share some common poodle personality traits.

Pet lovers state that male Poodles are more affectionate than females and that they are fun-loving and easy to train.

Behavior Differences

Intelligence, loyalty, mischievousness, and love: these four words are enough to describe a Poodle’s personality. A fun fact about Poodles is that despite this four-legged friend’s highly groomed appearance, the fellow has a goofy touch to its nature. These pups love to play games of all kinds. Poodles are very fond of people, and they love to create an emotionally pleasing bond with their special ones.

This fantastic dog breed is famous as the “Einstein of the dog world.” Their brilliant character traits make training processes easier. Perhaps these qualities can also make them sensitive fellows needing extra care and patience. A well-trained Poodle with a moderate exercise routine has a mild temperament. But this is only possible if the pup is getting enough exercise to burn its naturally high energy levels.

Male Vs Female Poodle
Male Vs Female Poodle

Poodles are friendly dogs, but they are very protective of their loved ones. You may find your calm pooch barking at a stranger approaching your house. The canine is a bit hesitant of strangers and takes a while to warm up. An important thing to remember is that Poodles are swift learners. They are quick at learning stuff, whether it is good or bad. You need to be very careful about what you are teaching him.

  • Male vs Female Standard Poodle: Male Behavior

Male Poodles often win a terrible reputation due to their boy behaviors. If not trained properly, you may find this bad boy doing activities like humping and marking. Most of these habits are closely linked to their exerting dominance.

To prevent your puppy from getting engaged in these male territorial behaviors, we recommend neutering your little boy by the age of 5 months. The thing that truly separates a male Poodle from a female one is his dependency on the owner. Males have a tendency to develop a special bond with only one member of the family. It doesn’t mean this pooch with twinkling eyes doesn’t love the whole family, but the pal prefers one family member to love more!

With this glamorous personality, one should have some preferences, right? Your male Poodle can be a bit more sensitive to stress. They have an empathetic nature, making them excellent service dogs.

Many pet lovers state that male Poodles are more affectionate fun-loving, and easy to train. Housebreaking this pooch is not a big challenge. This may be because of their wish to please their beloved ones. Male Poodles are incredibly attentive. These fellas are natural attention seekers, so you better give them what they want.

  • Male vs Female Standard Poodle: Female Behavior

Female Poodles have the label of being independent ladies of the house. No doubt your female BFF is cute, intelligent, and loving, but not as much as male Poodles are. These gentle pups can be a bit distant and may seek less attention.

We are not saying female poodles don’t want to be near people. They do. But unlike male Poodles, they will not appreciate you touching them constantly. All Poodles are territorial, yet females can be more protective. So if you plan to invite a stranger into her presence, be extra careful throughout the introduction.

Male Vs Female Poodle
Male Vs Female Poodle

Female dogs share their warmth with the whole family. They are likely to take less stress over significant changes in the environment. Females seem a little unbothered about someone moving in or out of the house. Nonetheless, they are headstrong and can be very willful. If this charming lady has decided something, chances are low that she will consider what other people think.

If not trained inappropriately, standard female poodles can show alpha behaviors. Lack of training can make them dominant and bossy to other pets in the house. Some may try to dominate their owners or resist obedience training.

Poodles as Service Dogs

We know. It’s hard to think of this good-looking fellow as a working dog. The smaller sizes of this breed may also make you suspicious of this statement. But that doesn’t change the fact that poodles were bred as hunting dogs. Their energetic spirit, athletic abilities, intelligence, lovable temperament, and highly trainable skills made them an excellent fit for a wide array of jobs.

Poodles are also great at learning things from watching other dogs. They are excellent therapy dogs and are fantastic at carrying things.

  • Male Poodles As Service Dogs

Despite the never-ending debate of male vs female Standard Poodle, male vs female Miniature Poodle, and male or female Toy Poodle, male ones have some attributes making them an excellent service dog. Their ability to bond with one person makes them think that they are responsible for that member as a service dog.

A well-trained male Poodle is highly attentive to its owner’s safety and health. Plus, the pooch doesn’t think he is doing a job; taking care of his loved one is like a responsibility he loves. Male Poodles ask for love and affection and keep their dear ones entertained.

  • Female Poodles As Service Dogs

Female Poodles are fabulous at serving as therapy dogs because of their high-stress resistance nature. Unlike male dogs, female Poodles don’t feel stressed out by watching a patient in pain or living in a chronic disease environment. They efficiently excel in any therapy-related task. Female Poodles’ tendency to bond with a large number of people enables them to interact well with groups.

Male vs Female Miniature Poodle: What’s The Difference?

The Poodle dog breed is available in three sizes: Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle, and toy breed poodle. Standard poodles have a height of 15 or more inches, Mini poodles are 15 inches or less, while toy breeds are available in size, not more than 10 inches.

All three types don’t have many differences in their temperament. The characteristics of a standard female Poodle are similar to a miniature or toy breed female Poodle. The same goes for male dogs of this breed. These snuggle buddies are friendly without the exception of breed type.

Obedience Trained Poodle
Obedience Trained Poodle

However, Miniature Poodles can be a little shy and vary from strangers. They are devoted to their owners. You may find this adorable friend of yours growling at strangers. If they feel someone is a potential threat, the Poodle can bite as well. But that’s for extreme situations. Good socialization with new people and animals can help you control this tendency.

Other than that, Mini Poodles are very intelligent and people-pleasing. Training them is pretty handy.

  • Male vs Female Miniature Poodle: Temperamental Differences

Most people prefer a female Poodle to bring home, while breeders look for a male Poodle. We don’t know the exact reason behind their choices. However, marking and humping can be a reason for avoiding males as pets.

If you have to deal with extreme environmental changes or want a puppy for therapy purposes, then a female Poodle is your obvious go-to. Otherwise, a socialized male puppy is a wise choice. In case you are unsure about the right gender, let’s look at the following temperamental differences. Remember to complete your research because once you bring a pet home, there shouldn’t be any going back.

  • Miniature Male Poodle Temperament

Your male fur baby will love to be around you. They enjoy getting all the attention they can and cannot deal with long-time separation. Like every other male Poodle, miniature male Poodles are also interested in cherishing rather than being cherished.

Male Poodles are said to be more fun-loving and adventurous than their female counterpart. Sometimes the pooch can be a puppy for his entire life. With a bit of socialization, these big babies can become more friendly with strangers and other pets.

Food is the biggest motivation for Poodles. You can convince them to do anything by offering a delicious treat. Therefore, training them can be extremely fun and easy. A non-socialized male Poodle may display aggression toward strangers and other animals. Your male pup may hump and pee in places you don’t want him to pee.

  • Female Miniature Poodle Temperament

Just like Standard and Toy Poodles, miniature female Poodle likes to have control of situations. She is the little Boss of the house. The female will ask you for your affection, but as soon as she has had enough, the gorgeous lady will move away.

Strong head and willfulness are the most fundamental trait of female Poodles. They have a natural instant of being the Alpha dog. Female Poodles do what they wish and can be hard to train, especially for newbies; they are a real challenge. Marking territory is common in both genders without exception. However, in some cases, even if a female is spayed, she is likely to continue marking.

Unlike male Poodles, female Poodles remain happy on their own. Your Poodle girl might not be very social and may not seek much care. She is a bit reserved and will prefer to spend some alone time rather than sitting on your lap. Female Poodles come in heat twice a year. You can expect some bleeding and mood swings during this period. It’s the time when even the most trained puppies can be too much to handle.

Are Poodles Aggressive?

Poodles are well-known for their high intelligence and adaptability to every environment. This pooch is not an aggressive fellow but can develop anxious behaviors due to several reasons. The puppy can have a fear of something, causing him to get suspicious of everyone. Male Poodles suffer from extreme separation anxiety, which is something you should be concerned about. Here are some common reasons for aggressive behaviors in your four-legged friend.

  • Genetics
  • Improper breeding technique
  • Over territorial
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fear
  • Lack of socialization
  • Lack of stimulation
  • Exhaustion
  • High energy levels

To correct this unwanted behavior as it is necessary to identify the root of the trouble. It will help take proper steps to resolve the issue.

Important Poodle Facts

The Poodle originally came from Germany and was a water retriever. The “poodle clip” cut is designed to help him glide through the water easier. The patches of hair that are left protect his vital organs and joints from cold. The Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three types. The Toy Poodle was used in circuses and performances. The Miniature Poodle was used to hunt truffles.

He’s very smart and exceptionally obedient. The three sizes contribute to his popularity. His coat can be almost any color but never parti-colored. He can live nearly anywhere due to his size. His coat is hypoallergenic which makes him ideal for those with allergies.

He does need professional grooming regularly. He’s very active and needs regular exercise too.

Vital Stats About Poodles

Let’s have a look at some vital stats of Poodles:

Stats Description
Dog Breed Group The Toy Poodle is in the toy group ( USA). The Standard and the Miniature Poodle are both shown in the Non-Sporting Group.
Purpose Originally bred as hunting dogs
Temperament Devoted, Lively, Alert, Courageous, Quick, Sassy
Average Height The Standard is more than 15 inches tall. The Miniature is 10 – 15 inches and the Toy is 10 inches or less.
Weight Range The Toy weighs 3 to 6 kg, the Miniature weighs 6 to 12 kg and the Standard variety weighs 13+ kg.
Energy level High
Exercise requirements Medium; 30+ minutes per day
Grooming Requirements High
AKC Breed Popularity Ranks 7 out of 197
Life Expectancy 10-18 years

Final Thoughts

Owning such a marvelous dog breed requires a commitment of time and money. This pup is highly energetic and can be a great addition to any family. Poodles are capable enough to add love, laughter, and fun to any environment.

This goofy fellow is protective and loves interacting with people. Male poodles require more attention and affection. Female poodles may exhibit some signs of dominance and can be a little stubborn.

However, we cannot assume these generalizations to be precise for every male and female. Using Poodles’ sex as a final guideline for your decision is not the right thing to do. Your decision should be based on the individual traits of your long-term companion. Lastly, don’t give up on a puppy with exceptional qualities just because it is not the sex you were looking for.

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