American Foxhound Price


American Foxhound Price: Is this Amazing Dog Worth It?

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American foxhounds are excellent pets who get along with kids and other animals. But what is the American foxhound price? And is the fantastic dog worth it? Let’s find out!

The easy-going, sweet, good-natured, low-maintenance American foxhound is the oldest and most scarce American breed. This breed is so uncommon that it is the second-rarest dog in the US. Due to their physical appearance, these dogs are often mistaken for Beagles, but American foxhounds are actually bigger, thinner, and taller than beagles and their English cousins.

The physical appearance, intense stamina, and love of running make American foxhounds a great companion for athletic pet lovers. These dogs may need special considerations, but their mild nature, loyalty, and kindness make them fit for families with kids and other pets.

If you fancy having this excellent dog as a companion, you are at the right place. This article focuses on American foxhound temperament, personality traits, shedding, and price ranges. So, you can determine whether the fascinating breed will fit in with your Lifestyle.

Without further delay, let’s take a closer look at American Foxhound!

American Foxhound Price
American Foxhound Price

American Foxhound Breed Overview

The American Foxhound (an American dog breed) is one of the rarest canine breeds. His hard coat may be any color. He is used as a trail hound, a competitive field trial hound, a pack hound, or a fox hunter. This requires different characteristics within the dog, so some are more suitable for one specific type of job than others.

Some need more speed, others need a louder voice, and others require the ability to work in a pack. George Washington ran a breeding program for the American foxhound (when they originated) and is known as the Father of the American Foxhound.

This dog breed loves the open air and is better suited to farms and rural areas. However, they can live in smaller spaces if they exercise enough.

They’ll be mild-mannered and get along with kids and other animals if raised in a home. It’s easy to care for their short coat.

American foxhounds are reliable hunting dogs. Their natural characteristics offer them ultimate speed, and they can also be great companion dogs.

If you are into getting this dog for your family, remember a few things. American foxhounds are affectionate companions, but they are highly energetic. Their energy level is not meant to be for everyone. The breed needs to exercise a lot to stay healthy and active.

A bored American foxhound may find a way to burn its excess energy, and you won’t like it. So, expect to provide the pal with lots of daily activity. Plus, the breed is a little noisy. Their musical and bell-like voices can travel long distances. Therefore, it is suggested not to bring one home unless your neighbors appreciate the concert daily or are far enough that they won’t hear a thing.

(But that doesn’t mean you can’t have them. We want to ensure you know what you are getting yourself into as a prospective owner!)

American foxhounds thrive in rural areas. City living is not recommended for them. These canines still live the way their ancestors did. They were bred to hunt in large packs. Their hunting background gives them an independent personality, and the pup can be very strong-willed and single-minded.

Generally, American Foxhounds are not considered companion dogs. But the rare furball can make a great friend to someone who can give them the exercise they need. Foxhounds are incredibly active and can easily get distracted by various scents.

Unlike some territorial breeds, American Foxhounds like the company of other dogs. Running around with other canine friends keeps them cheerful. The lovely buddy likes to bond with his human family as well.

Despite the size, they are pretty well-mannered and gentle with children. If introduced early, they can even learn to get along with cats. Their overall expression is pleading and kind.

American Foxhound Price: Is this Amazing Dog Worth It?
American Foxhound Price: Is this Amazing Dog Worth It?

American Foxhound History

American Foxhounds were initially bred as hunting dogs. They were considered excellent for blood sports, such as fox hunting. The loyalty of this companion is unquestionable, and it is closely linked to the heroes of the revolution.

The first European settlers brought their hounds with them to the American colonies. The descendants of these hound dogs were crossed with imported French, Irish, and English hounds. The American breeders were trying to breed a hound with a thinner, taller, and faster body with a great sense of smell.

George Washington was one of the American breeders of that time. He tried to improve his American foxhound by breeding the dog with an imported British hound. He also crossed the descendants of early foxhounds with French Foxhounds given to him by a wealthy French friend, Marquis de Lafayette. In this way, the breed evolved over many years.

Today, we have four types of American Foxhounds. The first one is field trial hounds. These canines are famous for their competitive spirit and ultimate speed. The second one is slow trailing hounds.

Slow-trailing hounds are popular for their musical baying. They are great for hunters on foot. The third one is the drag hound. They are also known as trial hounds. These dogs are hunted and raced using artificial prey instead of real ones. And finally, we have pack hounds. Pack hounds are preferred by hunters who keep them in packs of 20 or more for hunting purposes.

American Foxhound Breed Characteristics and Fact Table

American foxhound temperament


Easy-going, loyal, independent, mild nature, sweet-tempered, gentle, adorable




22 to 25 inches for males and 21 to 24 inches for female foxhounds.


Male American foxhound weight is between 65 and 75 pounds. While females weigh between 60 and 65 pounds.
Grooming requirements


They are short-haired but not hypoallergenic. It may require grooming once a week.
Exercise requirements


Needs a lot of daily exercises. They are highly energetic and can display unwanted behavior if they get bored.
Life expectancy


11 to 13 years


They can be stubborn, but foxhounds are highly intelligent. With the proper guidance, you can efficiently train them. The breed is famous for its willingness to learn.
Barking tendencies


Frequent and loud barking.
Potential for playfulness


Very high
American Foxhound Price
American Foxhound Price

American Foxhound Temperament

Although, by tradition, the American foxhound was not a companion dog. But they can be great house pets. Like most hounds, they greatly excel at chasing and hunting.

Keeping this energetic breed active and cheerful requires at least one or two hours of stimulating daily exercise.

The American foxhound is an intellectual and good-humored dog breed. This dog can be a wonderful family pet with the right amount of exercise.

However, the absence of activity can get them into trouble. The adorable pup may channel all the anxious energy into destructive tendencies.

Generally, American Foxhounds are easy-going and sweet pals. But just like any other hound, they are independent and stubborn. And honestly, you cannot blame them for being single-minded, as they have been bred to hunt by using their capabilities. Very little guidance was provided by their human companions, so these canines don’t really see why they have to do a thing your way.

Seems legit, right?

A Foxhound raised with other dogs rather than humans can be tricky to handle. It is because they have bonded with their pack rather than humans. Such dogs may need more time, training, and attention to cope with family life.

Foxhounds are a little reserved with strangers. Their loud howling and activity level aren’t appropriate for apartment life. However, early socialization can help them be friendly toward unfamiliar people. It can significantly reduce their tendency to howl.

Owners should expose their American foxhounds to different people, sounds, experiences, dogs, and animals while young. It will help the puppy to grow into a well-rounded adult dog.

American Foxhound Cost

The American foxhound price varies depending on multiple factors, such as the breeder’s reputation, location, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity, socialization efforts, litter size, training, and more. But luckily, these puppies are not very expensive.

You can easily get an American foxhound dog with documents (without showing quality or breeding rights) for around 400$. Puppies without papers can cost you less, but we won’t recommend buying a dog without papers.

If you are looking for a puppy with breeding rights, show quality, and complete American Kennel Club documentation, you should expect to pay anywhere between $1100 and $4500. American foxhound puppies with superior ancestry and top breed lines can cost you more.

American foxhound puppies’ prices tend to go from $400 to $600. Always remember a registered American foxhound puppy will cost more than a puppy without registration. Many questionable online sites are offering American foxhound puppies for sale.

Some of these breeders are not registered, while others are apparent scams. Don’t fall for any quick-delivery puppy scam; always complete your research. Finally, never buy from a breeder who hesitates to arrange your tour to their place.

These scams promise a lot, but their customers usually end up with a non-pure American foxhound. So, beware of any puppy mill operators.

You can expect to pay the following prices for an American foxhound puppy. Be alert if someone tries to sell you an American Foxhound for less than average:

American Foxhound Price Table

The average cost of an American foxhound $500
American foxhound price (median) $400
Top-quality American foxhound price $1100 to $4500
       American Foxhound puppy price $500 to $700
Estimated annual upkeep cost (food, vaccinations, training, grooming, vet bills, etc.)


$500 to $2000 for the first year and $500 to $1000 yearly.


American Foxhound Grooming Requirements

American Foxhounds have a medium-length coat. Their coat is available in many colors and has a hard texture that protects them from bushes and barriers in the field.

These adorable fuzzy balls are a brush-and-go breed. Brushing once a week removes all the dirt from their coat and keeps it healthy. Interestingly, you don’t need to bathe your American foxhound regularly. Only washing your dog when the fella gets into something muddy or has a strong dog smell is just fine.

Dental hygiene is an essential aspect of American foxhound’s grooming needs. Brushing your American foxhound’s teeth two to three times a week can help you eliminate tartar buildup and bacteria.

Daily brushing is even more beneficial if you don’t have to win a battle to brush your dog’s teeth. It can help you prevent bad breath and any possible gum disease.

Dogs with high energy levels naturally wear down their nails. But if this isn’t the case with your dog, then regular trimming is your way.

If you hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor, they are too long! Neatly trimmed nails keep your dog’s feet in good condition and protect you from getting any scratches.

Keep in mind pups are sensitive about their feet. Make sure paw handling is a positive experience for them. Fill this experience with loads of compliments and rewards.

While grooming, keep an eye on if the furry friend has signs of infection, sores, rashes, redness, or inflammation on the skin, mouth, ears, eyes, nose, and feet. The eyes should be clear, and the ear should be without so much wax. There should be no redness or discharge from the eyes or nose.

Carefully examine your dog’s health while grooming to spot any health problems beforehand.

American Foxhound Price
American Foxhound Price

Do American Foxhounds Shed a Lot?

Shedding removes damaged fur to allow new, healthy hair to grow. This is a natural process. Regular grooming with a bristle brush will help with it.

Like any other dog breed, shedding is also expected in American foxhounds. Luckily, these pups only shed in moderate amounts. Their shedding habits are manageable, and with proper care, you can prevent yourself from drowning in the ocean of loose fur.

American foxhounds don’t have double coats, which significantly helps with shedding. This pooch is not hypoallergenic but sheds much less than many other breeds. Generally, you can expect your American foxhound to shed a couple of times a year. However, some factors do affect the amount of shedding. These factors include:

  • Age

Growing older makes American Foxhound’s hair thinner. So, senior American Foxhounds may shed more than average.

  • Season

Seasonal changes can make your companion shed more. Usually, spring and autumn are the times for shedding.

  • Baths

Bathing significantly helps with the level of shedding. You can remove all the loose fur. However, these pups don’t shed excessively throughout the year, so weekly bathing is unnecessary.

  • Female heat cycle

Heat cycles cause many hormonal changes in a female American foxhound. These changes can lead to excessive stress and can result in shedding. So don’t be afraid; it is entirely normal.

Wrapping Up American Foxhound Price Details

In conclusion, the American Foxhound, with its distinctive bark and gentle demeanor, stands out as a symbol of grace and endurance in the canine world. As prospective owners consider the cost of an American Foxhound puppy, it’s essential to look beyond the average purchase price to understand the full spectrum of responsibilities and joys this breed brings.

Reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs are your first step towards finding the American Foxhound puppy of your dreams. While this breed, one of the oldest and most good-natured, is known for its high energy level and need for regular exercise, proper training, and a safe area to explore, it’s also renowned for its incredible stamina and distinctive musical bay.

Health issues, such as hip joint problems and ear infections, common in scent hounds with long ears and boundless energy, underline the importance of pet insurance and regular veterinary care. With its independent nature and love for rough terrain, there may be better candidates for apartment living than this active breed. However, it makes great family pets and excellent companions for those with an active lifestyle.

Adopting an American Foxhound comes with the commitment to meet their exercise needs, provide obedience training, and ensure they have plenty of opportunities for positive reinforcement in a loving environment. Despite their potential for destructive behavior when bored or under-exercised, an American Foxhound can be a gentle dog and your best friend with the right amount of exercise.

The distinctions of the American Foxhound, from its good-natured breed to its role as field-trial hounds and great companions, make it a great choice for those ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of canine companionship. The potential minimum healthcare cost, the importance of finding a good breeder, and the need to properly understand this breed’s unique characteristics are all crucial factors to consider.

With lots of exercise, love, and care, an American Foxhound can become the incredible, loyal companion you seek, embodying the essence of joy and companionship in every wag of its tail.

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American Foxhound Price: Is this Amazing Dog Worth It?
American Foxhound Price: Is this Amazing Dog Worth It?



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