Irish Water Spaniel

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The Irish Water Spaniel dates back as far as the 7th century. In the late 1100s, there were dogs found in Southern Ireland named the Whip-Tail Spaniel, Rat-Tail Spaniels and the Shannon Spaniel (and others.) The Irish Water Spaniel was just one of the many. Today, he’s a good hunting dog on land and in the water.

He’s regarded as a clown and will use creative ways to get tasks done. He’s intelligent and strong. He has a curly coat and a “rat tail” which is thick and has curls at the base but tapers to a point. His water-repellent double coat has tight, thick ringlets and the top coat is loose, long curls. He’s energetic and active and loves to please, is easily trained and needs regular exercise. His hypoallergenic coat is great for people with allergies and it needs brushing and trimming regularly to keep it clean and neat. He’s 21 – 24 inches high.