How Much Does A Kangal Dog Cost?


How Much Does A Kangal Dog Cost?

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Buying a Kangal dog is a great deal as this breed is super loyal and promising to protect your ranch or farm. If you are looking for how much does a Kangal dog cost? You are at the right place.

Powerful, protective, intelligent, heavy-boned – Kangal is a calm and contented hound dog known as a guardian against predators. A Kangal stays aloof towards new faces but is loyal towards the owners.

Keeping a Kangal dog in your apartment is debatable due to its aloof nature. Dogs like these are extremely powerful and always ready for battle when the fight comes. I guess it’s their endurance that makes them great at what they do.

They grab the attention by their size. Broadhead with dropped ears, a dense double coat, a black coloured patch masks the mouth, and a typically curled tail; Kangal shepherds are born to be the protectors!

Kangal dogs are also called Anatolian shepherds due to their origin from Turkey as livestock guardian breeds. Depending on their bloodline, a Kangal shepherd dog may often cost higher. It’s a well-known breed but only among enthusiasts. This factor also affects a Kangal shepherd dog’s availability and hence cost.

This article aims to give you an insight into how much does a Kangal dog cost. Read on if you are making up your mind to own a Kangal shepherd.

How Much Does A Kangal Dog Cost?
How Much Does A Kangal Shepherd Dog Cost?

Kangal Dogs – Temperament, Appearance, & History

History suggests that Anatolia is the hometown of these dogs. They are often called Anatolian shepherds because of their origin in Turkey. To date, Anatolian shepherds are the symbol of pride to the residents of Turkey. Nomads also keep the Kangal dogs as the protectors of domestic animals like sheep and goats. Therefore, other name for Kangals is the Turkish Shepherd dog and the  Anatolian Shepherd Sheepdogs.

An adult male Kangal weighs from 50 to 66 kgs, and a female weighs from 41 to 54 kgs. No matter how large their breed is, their bony skeletons render super-fast speeds of 50 km/hr. This anticipates their chasing ability – another reason for naming them, protectors.

A Kangal shepherd would never allow a stranger to cross the barrier when their owner is not around. They do not trust a trainer easily, which is why one might face challenges in training a Kangal dog. However, this animal is super loyal to its owner.

How Much Do Kangal Puppies Cost?

How much is a Kangal dog? This must be your next concern after checking on its nature and breed. Kangals remain in demand by the ranch and farm owners because of their livestock guarding ability. This nullifies the fact that the Kangals are not as popular as other breeds.

If you buy a Kengal shepherd from a recognised breeder, it will cost you between $800 to $1300 on average. And if it belongs to a superior bloodline, a Kangal puppy price will be from $1700 to $5000. However, the factors that affect a Kangal breed price are discussed in the next listings

Factors Which Affect A Kangal Puppy Price

Kangals are not cheap. But what makes a Kangal puppy price high? Here are some factors which affect the cost of a Kangal and ultimately help you decide better.

Reputable Kangal Dog Breeders?

The breeder sells you a dog at expensive rates if he is recognised for breeding the champion dogs. If you get a Kangal dog from a reputable breeder, the cost would also cover the professional expertise of a breeder in raising the puppy. These breeders are often members of the kennel clubs and are well-known in their businesses.

So from a professional point of view, their demanded prices directly affect the overall market cost of a Kangal Shepherd Dog.

What is the Dog’s Pedigree?

A Kangal’s bloodline directly affects its cost. If a pair trained for events, performances, and conformation shows, the breed would be sold higher than usual. Comparatively, you’ll get companion dogs at less high prices.

What’s the Gender?

The breeding capability of the female Kangal dogs makes them pricey. As a result, many breeders often save their female Kangals from spaying and grow their businesses from the litter.

What’s the Health Guarantee?

This factor again includes the reputation of a breeder. A recognised, reputable breeder will provide you with a Kangal with a health guarantee and medical certification. A non-congenital healthy Kangal puppy will cost you greater than usual. You can also take a check on the puppy’s health by genetic testing, which ultimately requires more money.

Do you need a Trainer?

Kangals taken from the professional breeders are usually trained for socializing. However, if you still need to get the puppy trained according to your preference, owning a Kangal dog will add more expense.

How Much Does A Kangal Dog Cost?
How Much Does A Kangal Shepherd Dog Cost?

Costs After Getting A Kangal Shepherd Dog

Initial Cost

The cost of being a paw parent is not only limited to buying one. No matter how much is a Kangal puppy, you need to spend on its good care. Get the puppy essentials first before bringing them home. The average initial cost of parenting a Kangal shepherd is roughly $300 to $350.

The following table summarizes the average prices of the essential supplies your dog may need. Let’s check.


Expense Average Cost
Good quality dog food $85
Leash and collar $20
Water Bowl $20
Chew Toys $25
Dog Crate $44
Dog Bed $40
Training Treats $25
Dog’s shampoo $10
Brush $15
Poop Scooper $20
Urine Cleaner $25

This is the initial cost or one-time expense after bringing a new Kangal home.

Later Expenses

Veterinary visits, emergency treatment, vaccination, and medications lie in the later and gradual expenses of your dog. A reckoning estimates a sort of annual expenditure required to raise your Kangal dog.

Here is a table showing the average yearly cost summing up other considerations while keeping a Kangal dog.

Expense Average Cost
Vaccination $100
Annual Food Intake $945
Deworming $50
Medications (flea, tick etc.) $200
Pet Insurance $240
Pet License $20
Veterinary visits $400


Some services like deworming and veterinary visits are optional at the initial stage. However, such expenses can be minimized if you get your Kangal shepherd from reputable breeders who make sure to provide vaccinated and healthy pets.

The monthly expense is not very costly if you take care of your Kangal in an affordable way. The average monthly expense in taking care of a Kangal shepherd is $180 to $190, depending on the extent you want to make premium choices.

Potential Expenses in Keeping A Kangal Dog

This section covers unexpected situations like emergencies or other necessities for your Kangal dog, which you may consider in future. You can read them in the following listings to budget potential expenses.

  • Hiring a Dog Walker: The dog walkers charge around $15 in helping your dog not skip its routine walks. You may need a dog walker when you become too busy to take your dog out for a walk.
  • Taking Aid From Daycare: Daycare services are helpful when you are not available at home to take care of your dog. This ensures that your pet is being taken care of in a good environment. Daycare services also cost $15 on average.
  • Kennel Fee: Letting your pet compete in the conformation shows and events help them socialize. Many owners love to take them to such events. If you are one of those who love to portray your dog’s social skills, a kennel registration club will allot you $90 for signing up for registration.
  • Physical Grooming: Getting your dog groomed from a salon is totally optional. If you want your Kangal to be groomed by a professional’s hand, spend $35 on a dense haired Kangal shepherd and let it enjoy the changes.
  • Behavioral Grooming: Special skills adaptation and behavioral grooming often require a trainer if you can’t spend much time with your Kangal dog. The trainers charge $100 minimum to train the dogs with special skills.
  • Health Concerns: A chronic disease or unexpected medical condition may appear during the lifespan of your dog. Keep a figure of $150 to $1000 ready for such situations.

Protips For Money Saving While Buying A Kengal Dog

You can get a Kangal puppy at reasonable prices or save initial expenses after getting them. Follow these listings to know-how.

Adopting a Kangal from Rescue

Adopting a dog from a rescue is a great money-saving idea if you want to give a home to neglected dogs. The shelters and rescue homes provide Kangals with a minimum adopting fee ranging from $300 to $400. It’s a roughly researched range that excludes shipping and other services.

Their behavior and socializing abilities must be your concerns if you look up to adopting Kangals. Well, we can thank the shelter homes for this. These shelter homes ensure that the dogs are vaccinated against congenital diseases and work on their socializing ability.

The volunteers subject the Kangals to adoption after working on their behavior and health concerns.

Training a Kangal at Home

Train your dog at home if you can. Hiring a trainer is a privilege for your dog as it gets full-time attention and supervision. But, it costs you a good amount of money in hiring a full-time professional trainer.

So to save your pocket, you spend time with your pet, parenting it with basic behavioral skills.  Learn how to groom your dog and look for an affordable veterinarian if you want to save the initial expenses.

Prepare Raw Meal

Preparing a raw diet for your puppy is a great money-saver! You can learn many recipes and techniques for preparing a natural and healthy diet for your dog. You can also buy kibbles for being frugal.

How Much Does A Kangal Dog Cost?
How Much Does A Kangal Dog Cost?

Health Concerns and Treatment Cost

The average lifespan of a Kangal dog is 12 to 15 years, depicting their good resistance. That is why the farmers prefer keeping Kangals to protect their fields.

Being living creatures, they may also be exposed to certain diseased conditions, which give an idea of what kind of expenses you should expect while parenting a Kangal dog.

Following are the diseases seen in Kangal dogs, and you should also examine them while buying one.

  • Lipoma, in general terms, is a benign fatty tumor that develops in middle-aged Kangals. It can develop anywhere in the body. Benign tumors are not life-threatening but cause discomfort and crankiness in your dog. If you remove a lump, it will cost you around $200 to $500.
  •  Hip Dysplasia is nothing but the dislocation of the hip joint. One or two veterinary visits may treat a minor deformity of the hip joint. But if it becomes severe, the owner might need to spend around $3000 to $7000 to restore it.
  • Entropion is a hereditary disease in which a dog develops an abnormal eyelid. The eyelid is rolled inward so that the skin touches the cornea. Surgery may cure it upon the expenditure of $500 to $1509.

These chances of sooner or later expenses are minimized if you buy a Kangal dog from a reputed breeder.

Kangal Dog Price Conclusion

So this was all about how much do Kangal puppies cost. Parenting a dog demands you to be financially and mentally prepared to raise a guardian dog breed of the superior bloodline. From the above listings, you might have gotten an idea that it requires more stability in taking care of a Kangal shepherd than buying it for once.

The expenses on medications and frequent vet visits can be minimized by preferring the quality of life you are providing to your pet. The lifestyle should include a healthy diet, a friendly environment, and behavioral training.

In the end, a Kangal dog is a great choice if you own a lawn or a ranch. This breed is a great companion of humans, being calm and protective in nature and powerful in appearance.

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