Doberman Female vs. Male

Doberman Pinscher Male vs Female: Which is Better

Explore the key differences between male and female Doberman Pinschers, including traits, behavior, and training, to help you make the right choice.

Deciding between a male or female Doberman Pinscher can be a nuanced decision that hinges on understanding their distinct traits and behaviors.

This post delves into Doberman Pinschers, comparing male and female dogs’ physical characteristics, temperament, and suitability for different owners and lifestyles. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a seasoned Doberman enthusiast, understanding these differences is crucial to choosing a companion that seamlessly fits into your life and home.

Learn the key differences between male and female Dobermans, according to the experts at CaninePals.Com! Get practical advice on the pros and cons of each with our comprehensive guide.

Introduction to Dobermans

The Doberman Pinscher, developed in the late 19th century by a German tax collector, Louis Dobermann, is known for intelligence, loyalty, and strength.

Originally bred as guard dogs, the Doberman breed is highly trainable and can serve in various roles, including police work, service dog, search and rescue, and companion animal.

Their sleek, short coats, athletic build, and alert demeanor make them easily recognizable and admired for their beauty and effectiveness as working dogs.

Are Male or Female Dobermans Better?

Are you looking for a female Doberman or a male Doberman? Are you too stuck between these Dobie decisions? If so, you are not alone.

All the Dobie lovers have been playing a tug of war (of debates) about male vs. female Doberman supremacySome advocated male Dobermans as their best buddy, while some preferred female Dobermans as their best-loved companion.

Nobody ever could conclude the match between Doberman Pinscher male vs. female. So what if we can’t bring the debate to an end? We can compare the two genders and decide which suits our lifestyle the best. Right? Let’s cut to the chase and start the analysis.

Does Dog Gender Matter?

Whether a male or a female Doberman, both genders have their own attributes. Male Doberman dogs are aggressive and belligerent. Meanwhile, female Dobermans tend to have dominating personalities—stubborn and territorial! If you are willing to bring a Dobie home, gender matters. There are some critical differences between their behaviors.

Male or Female Doberman
Doberman Pinscher Dogs

So, when in doubt, do the following:

  • Study their characteristics concerning their genders. Thoroughly!
  • Observe their attributes in the breeder’s facility.

You’ll find decision-making much easier once you pay close attention to their characteristics and attitudes.

Doberman Pinscher Male vs. Female – A Detailed Comparison

To help you critically inspect both genders, I have prepared a lowdown of their similarities and differences. Let’s start right off the bat.

Differences in Physical Traits:

If you try noticing changes between a male and female Doberman pinscher through pictures, sorry, you might not be able to spot the differences.

For a better analysis, you must examine them in person.

Doberman Male vs Female Size


  • Like any other dog breed, Dobies also have some characteristics that add to their masculinity. Namely, more muscle mass, stocky heads, and larger sizes.
  • They normally weigh between 75 – 100 lbs. The male Doberman’s average height is 26 – 28 inches to complement this bulky weight.

Female Dobermans:

  • Female Dobermans are slimmer and sharper than males.
  • What adds to their elegance is their smooth coat.
  • Their weight ranges between 60 – 90 lbs, and they stand between 24 – 26 inches high.

Male and Female Doberman Behavioral Differences

Next to physical stature, another characteristic that sex hormones determine is temperament and personality.


  • Male Dobermans are FUN-LOVING!
  • Overall, they have a laid-back attitude – lazy and carefree. Male Dobies love to play around. They don’t even mind strangers. Let them meet someone new, and you’ll see them playing and running with the new person in no time.
  • Take them to public places or social gatherings; they’ll be calm and happy to accompany you.
  • Male Dobermans behave like mature dogs after they reach the age of 4 years.
  • They tend to bond with everyone in the family. So they are great at protecting homes and property.
  • You might like male Dobermans for their easy-going personality.
  • But due to their relaxed style, you might experience some mess too.
  • Say they will get into the mud, eat clumsily, let the water ooze from their mouths, and still stay cool. Holy Moly!


  • If I define female Doberman behavior in one word, it is ‘MOODY.’
  • You might be surprised to know that females mature at two years of age—two times earlier than their counterparts!
  • This quick development makes them a more responsible dog. They are much cleaner than male Dobies. They eat without making any mess and get less distracted, and that’s good.
  • Females have a great affection for their owners. But unlike the male Doberman, they don’t get attached to the whole family. They are more into one person only.
  • Cuddle or play with them—at home or in a comfortable place—they are the best companions. However, if you hang out with female Dobies in places like dog parks, they’ll take some time to get comfortable.

Are Female or Male Dobermans More Aggressive?

Regarding aggression, both genders are aggressive in their distinct ways. If that statement sounds vague, let me explain what I mean.

As adults, Male Dobermans are more likely to show aggression than females. That’s because of their guardian nature – which is a plus point to some extent. In puppyhood, female puppies appear more aggressive than their male littermates. Now, why is that so?

Male or Female Doberman: Which is better?
Doberman Pinscher Dogs

Female pups are smaller than males, so they must be a little more aggressive to avoid being pushed by their larger cognates. This is a kind of self-protection.

Same-sex aggression is also another factor. A study released in a journal by the American Veterinary Medical Association states that “79% of aggression issues that happened in the same house were between same-sex dogs. And among those, 68% were females.”

Training and Obedience

You need to find two qualities in your dog for a high level of trainability.

  • A strong will
  • Intelligence

And in Dobermans, male or female, you’ll find both. However, their learning pace is totally defined by their gender.


  • Male Dobies have a short attention span. This makes proper training them a bit harder.
  • You have to push them to pay heed to your commands and learn.
  • Therefore, they are difficult to potty train and teach something new at a younger age. But they strongly desire to please their owner and are always eager to perform their owner’s tasks!
  • Want to train your male Dobie efficiently? Wait until he turns 4. He’ll start acting maturely and learn quickly.


  • Regarding trainability, females are more in tune with their owners and are highly trainable.
  • They are more focused and learn early. Also, they respond better to correction and praise during training.
  • Best of all, you can housebreak them easily.

That’s all that makes a dog docile. But here’s a catch… Although female Dobermans stand out in trainability, they are unwilling to accomplish task after task.

Guarding Skills

All Doberman Pinschers, be they male or female, are great guardians. They were bred to be guard dogs.

Various factors affect the guarding skills of Doberman Pinschers regardless of their gender. Such as:

  • Training
  • Environment
  • Individual Temperament
  • Type of guard work you want to use them for

Let’s see how male vs. female Dobermans fare in safeguarding.


Looking for a Doberman doggie to protect your property? A male Doberman is the best option.

Male Dobies are energetic and better at protecting family members, homes, property, or territory. Therefore, males are considered the best for overall guard work.


As I mentioned earlier, females get attached to one person, specifically. Therefore, they are more likely to excel in personal protection.

Female Dobies mature at a very young age. Hence, they can start safeguarding their owner earlier than males. You’ll find them more agile and suspicious of strangers.

Doberman Female vs. Male
Doberman Pinscher Dog

Relationship Differences in Doberman Pinscher Male vs. Female

With Strangers


Male Dobermans have a welcoming nature for strangers. They would play and run with them immediately. Take them to public gatherings and introduce them to your friends; they will be happy.

Male Dobies respond well to strangers within their familiar location. Otherwise, they will be reluctant to enter a harmonious relationship with strangers in a new place.


Do you expect female Dobermans to get by strangers quickly? No way!!

They are way more careful when getting along with strangers and are better guard dogs.

With Young Children


A Male Doberman can foul up anytime.

While their freewheeling nature is good for mingling with strangers, it can be extremely risky if you have small children at home.

Male Dobies enjoy running, bouncing, and rolling over. This habit can pose a serious risk to younger kids, especially when your dog has grown 100 lbs.

Besides causing accidental injuries to your kids, male Dobermans are great with children.

A male Dobie will be an excellent family pet and companion if you have kids old enough to handle their goofiness. He will never tire of playing with them.


  • Female Dobermans are cautious around young kids – maybe their maternal instinct makes them so!
  • Because of their possessive nature, they want to stay with their favorite person. Always!
  • The chances are their favorite person will be any kid in your home.
  • If that happens, a female Dobie will care for your kiddo, and accidental injuries are less likely to occur.
  • However, she’d be too pushy to stay with her darling.  She may even want to sleep with her best-loved child.
  • Female Dobermans love to play but are not up for an ‘ALL-DAY FUN.’

With Other Dogs


  • Male vs. male conflict exists in Doberman dogs.
  • This conflict mainly occurs to prove dominance. But they don’t indulge in serious fights.
  • Other than the dominance issue, male Dobermans are sociable creatures. They relish the company of other male dogs.
  • As per female doggies, a male Doberman gets along with females of all breeds.


  • Female Dobermans don’t fare with known dogs easily.
  • Like male Dobermans, they don’t get into dominant conflicts. But it would be severe if they started a fight with another female.
  • They won’t give up until the other female is badly injured.

As Family Members

If you ask to recommend only one gender as the best family companion in male vs. female Doberman, it would be a BIG challenge.

Both genders are great family pets. The best choice is the gender that suits your lifestyle. However, below is my observation of both genders as family pets.


  • A male Doberman goes well if you have lots of guard work for him and would enjoy taking him on the go. They are super-friendly.
  • Above all, they love each member of the family.
  • But they can be a little risky with smaller children. If you can supervise them with the children, there is no issue; they’ll be amazing pets.


  • A female Doberman is ideal if you have older children.
  • Females are more protective and possessive. They make the best personal guards. You can trust them while leaving them home alone or with the children.
  • Of course, they are wonderful family pets.

Pro tip: If you want to keep more than one Dobie at your home, try going for opposite genders or neutering them. Another way is to keep dogs at a significant age gap.

Potential Health Issues

The normal lifespan of a Doberman is 10 – 13 years. But Dobermans may face many health risks during their lifetime, just like any other dog breed would.

We see major health issues like Wobbler syndrome, bloating, Hip dysplasia, Hepatitis, and Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) – in which blood doesn’t clot properly, affecting male and female Dobermans equally.

However, there are some exceptions. How do these other health hazards affect the Dobies concerning their gender? Let’s see.

Male or Female Doberman: Which is better?
Doberman Pinscher Dogs


According to an article from the American Veterinary Medical Association,

Male Dobermans are more disposed to develop Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) – a deadly heart condition prevalent in Dobermans – at some point in their lifetime.

Doberman owners need to be aware, they are more susceptible to bone, joint, and hip problems than females.

The culprit behind this might be their bulky stature.


Being slimmer and smarter makes a female dog less prone to multiple diseases like bone, joint, and hip problems.

Female Dobermans also have a slighter chance of developing Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

Some females may acquire Chronic Active Hepatitis (CAH) between the 4th and 6th years of their age.

Benefits of Neutering a Doberman Pinscher 

Neutering is the most effective way to alter the behavior of the Dobermans.

No, it doesn’t change their key personalities but brings some observable changes.

Male Dogs:

In male dogs, neutering lessens their urge to hump humans, objects, and other animals. It diminishes their aggression. A neutered male Doberman has his activity level go down.

You might notice an increase in their appetite.

Female Dogs:

Female Dobermans, when spayed, will be less aggressive.

As they won’t experience hormonal changes, so there would not be any annoyance. They would neither be peeing frequently nor would they eliminate the bloody discharge.

Doberman Pinscher Male vs. Female Puppy Prices

You might not see a significant difference in Doberman puppy prices for both genders, but yes, there is a slight difference.
Some breeders sell male Doberman puppies at a higher rate than female pups. You’ll still find Doberman male or female pups in the same price range just because they are better guard dogs.
For an American Doberman pup, the cost falls between $1,500 – $2,500.
Want to buy a European Doberman? You may expect a cost of $3,000 to $4,000.

Male or Female Doberman: Which is better?

In conclusion, when comparing male vs female Doberman Pinschers, the choice hinges on slight differences in traits like growth rate and energy levels. Males may be seen as better guard dogs, but both genders of this popular dog breed, recognized by the American Kennel Club, can excel with the right training.

Opting for a purebred from a reputable breeder in the United States ensures quality. Great Danes and other large breeds also require much time and additional training.

Choosing the right Doberman involves considering these factors and focusing on positive reinforcement from an early age for these energetic dogs. Making the right choice promises a rewarding experience, so good luck in finding your ideal companion!

Announcing a winning gender is still a tough decision.
Do you need a pleasant four-legged friend? That’s a male Dobie.
Want some emotional attachment? That’s a female’s attribute.
Can’t decide between the two? Get a pair – No joke! They are just that good!
Whatever gender you choose, Doberman pet parents must socialize the pup and try to train it correctly. This is the secret to a happy Dobie life, folks!
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References and Further Reading:

[1] American Kennel Club, Doberman Pinscher Information.


Doberman Pinscher Male vs Female
Doberman Pinscher Male vs Female
Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?

Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle? Find Out How Affectionate This Breed Is

The Doberman is a lovely dog breed They show affection towards humans like no other of the dog breeds. But do Dobermans like to cuddle, is the Doberman a trustworthy breed and are Dobermans affectionate dogs? Give this article a read to know the answer.

In general, all the dogs like to cuddle with their owner, given how much attention and care they receive for being loyal. Now keeping the genetic trait in mind, the Doberman is a loving dog breed that loves to be around its caregiver. So if you are looking for a furry friend who’d be the best of huggers you have, then Doberman can be a good choice.

You must be thinking, do Dobermans like to cuddle is the breed affectionate? The answer is YES! But is the Doberman affectionate dog breed? What makes them want to cuddle? How much do Dobermans cuddle?

These questions will be answered if you follow this article until the end. And if you are fascinated by the people-oriented temperament of Doberman dogs, you are at the right place where you’ll read all about Dobermans!

How To Tell If Your Doberman Loves You?

Once a Doberman takes the sense of security from its surroundings, it’ll start showing love. A Doberman’s affection is reflected by its trait of being expressive. It shares a strong bond with its owner, especially children. They make eye contact, lick their face, lean into them, and rest on their laps.

Here is a list of the behaviors, some or all of which you may observe in your Doberman and tell it loves you.

Making Eye Contact With The Ears Back & Nose Forward, He Loves You!

A Doberman’s love can be assessed by the way it makes eye contact. When a Doberman loves you, it takes the ears slightly back, extends the neck, and puts its nose closer to you. Imagine all of these gestures with that lovely eye contact. You are going to love your Doberman for this!

Running Behind The Owner’s Legs

If a Doberman gets a sense of security in you, it’ll cling to you. Dobies, when frightened, tend to hide behind their owners’ legs. This behavior is more often seen in the young ones as their fearless traits are still under development in adolescence. Running through and behind your legs at the time of trouble shows the trust of your pooch in you.

Won’t Mind Getting Annoyed By You!

If a Doberman stays relaxed while you are annoying him, nothing can be more precious than it! A Doberman would allow you to play with its paws, nose, and lips, tug its ears, and cuddle up while you are on the television couch. This can only be done by the one a Doberman keeps special.

Love To Stay On Your Top While You Have Dreams

This is the most common way for Dobermans to show love to their owners. Your Doberman would love to sleep next to you or over you and vice versa only if he holds you, dear.

Dobermans are also judged by their sleeping styles. You are lucky to have your Dobby’s love if you have experienced your Doberman sleeping next to you again after putting him on the bed.

Often Climbs Up To Your Lap

Dobermans often tend to jump to your lap more randomly out of nowhere. Especially when you are busy doing stuff like taking a skype call, watching TV, or lying in bed. Your Dobby would love to rest on your lap no matter what you do, only if he loves you.

Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?
Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?

Is the Doberman Affectionate Breed?

Doberman dogs are known to show love to their family. Not only that, they are people-friendly too. They enjoy being outdoors & adventures rather than staying still in the corner. They celebrate being around their loved ones by playing, staying active, and cuddling with them.

In general, Dobermans are affectionate enough to cuddle all the time. Some may get snuggly, and some love to cuddle when tired. As the loving nature of Dobermans makes us obvious about their socializing ability, it is also a point to ponder that we need to work on developing vital socializing skills of our Dobermans.

Why Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?

Although they love to cuddle, sometimes they can be less cuddly. This is nothing but a reserved nature that can vary from dog to dog. If a Doberman is not cuddling up with you, it may show love by sleeping next to you or running around your legs. No matter if a Doberman is cuddling up with you or not, you can always make it do so by showing affection.

Dobermans can be depressed if the required love and affection are not given. Cuddling up with your dog promises sustained mental health for a pet dog. And the good news is, a Doberman always welcomes hugs once it recognizes its people.

Oxytocin is known to be a love hormone that increases with cuddling. It makes a pet and pet owner happy and reduces stress. So if you find that your Dobbie is suffering from depression (that happens less often), then make a habit of giving them regular hugs to feel loved. Because if cuddling up vanishes your dog’s stress, then why not?

Temperament Of Doberman Dogs

Dobermans make a great human companion. They are regarded as the guard dogs for tax collectors and are among the most common family dogs known all over the world. They are agile, strong, and super fast to compete with the horses. In addition, they are remarkably active to the extent that they quickly catch the rabbits and can track faster than a Bloodhound dog.

These energetic human companions are gentle and calm at the same time that they would allow a baby’s crawl over them. Owners trust them enough to keep them as a guard dog and guiding their kids across the paths. Along with being alert and obedient and sensitive, Dobermans like cleanliness around them.

How To Cuddle A Doberman The Right Way?

  • Step#1. Start by sitting next to the Doberman on the floor. Then, place one hand behind the dog’s head and gently pet it.
  • Step#2. With your other hand, lightly stroke the dog’s chest.
  • Step#3. Slowly lean in towards the dog, making sure not to startle it.
  • Step#4. Once close enough, wrap your arms around the dog’s body and give it a gentle hug.
  • Step#5. Hold the hug for a few seconds, then release and sit back next to the Doberman.
  • Step#6. Repeat these steps until the Doberman seems relaxed and comfortable with being cuddled.


Benefits Of Cuddling Your Doberman

There are many benefits of cuddling your Doberman.

1. Forms a strong bond between you and your Doberman

Dobermans are known for being fiercely loyal and protective of their owners, but they can also be big softies when it comes to cuddling. So regular cuddles are a must if you’re looking to form a strong bond with your Doberman.

Cuddles will help your dog feel loved and secure, and it’s also a great way to show your affection. Dogs are highly social creatures and thrive on physical touch, so don’t be afraid to get cozy with your furry friend.

Make sure you do it on your dog’s terms to get the most out of cuddling. Let them come to you for cuddles when they’re feeling calm and relaxed, and avoid doing it when they’re stressed or excited.

When you cuddle, take care to support your dog’s head and back, so they feel comfortable and safe. And always be patient – some dogs take a little longer to get accustomed to cuddles.

2. It helps relieve stress and anxiety in your Doberman, and you

Cuddling can help relieve stress and anxiety in both you and your Doberman. It is a great way to show your dog how much you love them, and it can be a very calming activity for both of you. So if you’re feeling stressed or anxious, try cuddling your Doberman – it just might help make everything feel better.

3. Help to lower blood pressure and heart rate in both humans and dogs

Cuddling your Doberman can help to lower blood pressure and heart rate in both humans and dogs. This is because when you cuddle your Doberman, oxytocin is released into both of your bloodstreams. Oxytocin is sometimes called the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone” because it helps to create feelings of bonding, happiness, and relaxation.

Oxytocin has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate in both humans and dogs, so cuddling your Doberman is a great way to relax and de-stress. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

4. It can help to improve your Doberman’s immune system

Yes, cuddling your Doberman can help to improve your dog’s immune system. This is because when you cuddle your dog, you increase the levels of oxytocin in their body. Oxytocin is known as the “cuddle hormone,” and it has been shown to have numerous benefits for both humans and dogs, including – a boost in the immune system. Therefore, by cuddling your Doberman, you are increasing their happiness and helping them stay healthy.

5. It can increase levels of serotonin, the “happy hormone,” in your Doberman

Cuddling a Doberman can increase serotonin levels, the “happy hormone,” in your dog. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and social behavior. It is thought to play a role in bonding between humans and dogs.

Are There Any Downsides To Cuddling With Your Doberman?

Though Dobermans are often perceived as aggressive dogs, they can actually be quite cuddly. In fact, many Doberman owners enjoy cuddling with their furry friends. However, there are a few downsides to cuddling with your Doberman.

For one, Dobermans are large dogs, weighing between 60 to 100 pounds. As a result, they can inadvertently hurt you when they move around while cuddling.

Additionally, Dobermans shed a lot of furs, so you may end up covered in hair after cuddling with your furry friend.

Last but not least, Dobermans can get quite drooly so you may end up with a wet spot on your clothing.

Many Doberman owners still enjoy cuddling with their furry friends despite these downsides. If you do choose to cuddle with your Doberman, be sure to do so on a soft surface such as a bed or couch to prevent getting hurt.

How Often Should You Engage In A Good Cuddle Session With Your Doberman?

Cuddling is a great way to show your Doberman love and affection. It can also be used as a way to bond with your Doberman and create a deeper connection. But how often should you cuddle with your Doberman?

There is no right or wrong answer regarding how often you should cuddle with your Doberman. It depends on what works for you and your Doberman. Some people like to cuddle with their Dobermans every day, while others may only do it a few times a week.

If you’re unsure how often you should be cuddling with your Doberman, start by doing it once a day. If that feels good for both of you, then stick with that. On the other hand, if you’re both enjoying it and want to do it more often, then go for it!


How To Make Your Dobermans Enjoy Cuddling

This is how you can make your Doberman enjoy cuddling with you more:


Make your dog well-behaved by working on its socializing ability. It is always effective in making the dogs become expressive, friendly, and absorb their surroundings. Imagine if human interaction is removed from your life; what it’s going to look like? Similarly, pets also need to interact with other animals for their innate learning.

Ignoring this factor can make your Doberman stay overprotective of you all the time, be scared or aggressive to others, and may resist meeting strangers. Having outdoor rounds with your Doberman would enhance the loving trait of your Doberman.


Playing with your dog means investing your time in making a strong bond with your pooch. If Doberman sees you as your playmate every day, you would eventually become the favorite person for him to cuddle. You can make him feel safe and loved around you by tugging, playing fetch, and engaging him in the puzzles. A friendship develops when you actively participate with your dog in these activities.

Touching Them Gently

Stay tactile with your Doberman once you bring it home. Cuddling with your dog at the start of paw-parenthood would make him familiar soon. Give a gentle treatment to its ears, lips, and paws. This will train him to stay easy when these regions are being touched so that he may get prepared for a possible future illness. Other family members should also practice this to avoid making their pet clingy to only one member.

Who Should Keep Doberman As A Pet?

Doberman is an ideal pet for people looking for a loyal, loving, and protective companion. They are also great for families with children, as they are very gentle and patient with kids.

If you live in an apartment or a small yard, a Doberman will suffice. They’re actually a good addition since they don’t require much space to roam around. However, keep them busy in exercise activities and provide them full attention, or they can get a bit aggressive.

Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?
Do Dobermans Like To Cuddle?

Bottom Line

Dobermans love to stay around their loved ones and their pet owners, which is why they are the best huggers a man can have. Unfortunately, they can be dominant and overprotective towards their dog owner, which can be troublesome sometimes.

Dobermans are not naturally people-oriented dogs and not all dogs are suitable as family pets, but by working on socializing skills and proper training, you can make them love others too.

So if you have already brought a Doberman home, you should start building a mutual bond with him by simply cuddling with him every morning!

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References and Further Reading:

[1] American Kennel Club, Doberman Pinscher Information.