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Everything You Need To Know About The Fox Face Pomeranian Before Getting One

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Loyal, smart, intelligent, cute, vigilant, alert, affectionate, and umm… I’m out of words when describing this beautiful toy dog breed. All fox face Poms traits can’t be jotted down in a single moment.

The fox face Pomeranian is the cutest of the toy dog breeds, having beautiful looks, dark eyes, big fluffy coats, almond-shaped eyes, and a cute appearance that make this toy breed stand out from the crowd.

Like the teddy bear Pom and the baby doll Pomeranian, these dogs come in a wide range of beautiful colors, including black, white, lavender, blue, red, orange, and others. Poms are the best, with beauty, a unique good nature, intelligence, and personality.

Here’s a deep look into fox face Poms. The article includes everything from A to Z you need to know about fox-looking Pomeranian breed dogs.

Fox Face Pomeranian
Fox Face Pomeranian

Looks and Facial Features of the Fox-Faced Pomeranian

A type of Pom known as fox faces Pomeranian puppies. These puppies resemble foxes in facial feature outlines and expressions. According to American Kennel Standard (AKC), a Pomeranian that has the following facial features will be regarded as fox face Poms;

●     Head

When viewed from the top down, the head is a broad back tapering to the nose for a wedge shape.

●     Eyes

This dog has medium-sized almond-shaped eyes that are set deep into the skull. They are black, and the eye width is so perfect that it maintains facial balance.

●     Ears

Poms have small, triangular-shaped, high-mounted, and erected ears.

●     Skull

Fox face Poms have a slightly round skull, but it is not domed.

●     Muzzle’

The muzzle should be comparatively short and not snipey.

●     Nose

Nose pigments are black, excluding the chocolate, blue, and beaver ones.

●     Expressions

The longer nose than most show-type Pomeranians, almond-shaped eyes, and intelligent expression can give these Poms a fox-like appearance.

Fox Face Pomeranian
Fox Face Pomeranian

Full Grown Fox Face Pomeranian Size

There’s a world of difference between the tiny, dainty Pomeranian you see at dog shows and the full-grown fox face Pomeranian.
Full-grown fox-face Pomeranian pets often weigh more than show-type pets due to breeding practices that result in larger dogs with larger bodies, oversized ears, and longer muzzles—looking more like what some call a throwback Pomeranian.

Do Fox Face Pomeranians Change Color?

When it comes to Pomeranian puppies, the most dramatic coat color change can be seen when they undergo what some breeders call the Pomeranian puppy uglies. Some puppies who are nearly white at birth will gradually take on a creamy or light-orange hue as they mature. A dog, born nearly black, may turn lighter as its fur develops.

What is The Difference Between a Fox Face And a Teddy Bear Pomeranian Dog?

The Fox-face Pomeranian has a longer, finer muzzle, more prominent ears, and less dense fur than teddy bear Pomeranian pups.

What is The Difference Between the Fox Face and Baby Doll Face Pomeranian Dog?

The Pomeranian with a shorter muzzle is called the baby doll face of the Pomeranian dog. It has features similar to foxes but not as short or pointed compared to Poms regarding lengthwise facial structure.

Fox Face Pomeranian
Fox Face Pomeranian

Fox Face Pomeranian Personality Traits

Some fox Pomeranians resemble stuffed toys. They are cute and fluffy, with adorable personalities. Despite their small size, they can confront bigger dogs. Here’s everything you need to know about their personality.

1.   Their Dynamic Soul

Poms have a dynamic soul who enjoys an active lifestyle. Their stamina matches no other, and they need daily exercise to lead a happy, active lifestyle.

2.   You’ve All Their Heart!

Want to know the real meaning of love? Learn from fox faced Pomeranian puppy. They crave all the love in the world. They are loving and affectionate and will never let you go without a hug or cuddle. They value their families above everything else, striving to keep their owners happy with their ecstatic personalities.

3.   Mingle Easily

If you’re a first-time owner looking for a family-oriented puppy, fox-looking Pomeranians are the go-to. Having friendly nature, these dogs get along easily with other pets and children and can play for hours and hours. They love spending time with people and easily mingle with every other person. These dogs do not need socializing training. However, their over-excitement can hurt their fellow kid or pets. It is necessary to give them behavioral training to avoid destructive behavior while playing.

4.   They Love to Explore

You will never see the fox face Poms hanging around unnecessarily. They have a purpose! A purpose of exploring their surrounding environment. Poms have an explorative nature. They love to travel around and explore the backyard, park, and every cranny of the house. They keep roaming around to find new things and places around them. P.S. You cannot hide anything from them as their explorative nature will assist them in finding out things.

5.   Loyal, Loyal, Loyal!

Yes, Poms are loyal, super loyal dogs! Their loyalty is unquestionable. If you’re not around, they’ll wait for you at the doorstep all day and will start wagging their tails and dancing when they see you coming. They can live without their master; if they get off the leash, don’t worry; they will return! P.S. Make sure they don’t go too far!

6.   Filled with Aplomb

Fox face Poms are filled with aplomb.  Like all toy breeds, they are brave little dogs, bold enough to stand their ground without fear. They love to maintain their dominance and control other pets around them. P.S. These daredevil-natured dogs tend to bully the weak and insecure pets around them, so training them early is necessary.

7.   Don’t Let Them Outsmart You!

Poms are undoubtedly the most intelligent dogs among other dog breeds. Their intelligence, obedience, and adaptability are unquestionable. They grab things quickly, learn from them, and solve problems within a few minutes. Their smartness makes them the perfect dog for agility shows and circuses. A clue is enough for them to understand the whole thing, and they’ll prove to be crème de la crème. P.S. Don’t let them outsmart you. They should know you have the power to rule over them!

8.   They are Vigilant

The personality traits of Poms make them the ideal watchdogs. They are vigilant around the clock and watchful of everything around them. They are intelligent, active, independent, suspicious, alert barkers who do not accept nonsense around them. Despite their 6 to 7 inches size, Pomeranians can sniff fishy things and stop fallacious happenings.

9.   Say Goodbye to Housebreaking

Having the traits of watchful dogs, Poms are perfect for protecting the house even in the presence of their owners. The smallest size toy breed can confront large dogs and stand against every danger that comes their way. They never allow strangers to cross the home boundary without permission and keep burglars at bay.

10.  Pomeranians can be Aloof with Strangers

Pomeranians are known as the man’s best friends. They are loving, affectionate, cordial, and companion lap dogs. But, aggression toward strangers, unwanted happenings, chaotic situations, and loud noises are commonly found in Poms. They freak out easily when in shock, fear, change in ownership, or feeling sick. Note: If you think your Pom tends to bite when he freaks out, hire a professional trainer as soon as possible.

 Full grown Fox Face Pomeranian,
Full-grown Fox Face Pomeranian,

Health Problems Associated With Fox-Looking Pomeranians

Fox Face Poms is regarded as the best family dog. Based on their lively nature, they can prove to be rewarding for families and kids. However, it is necessary to know that, like every other dog, Fox, like Poms, is prone to multiple diseases. Some of the diseases are commonly found in Poms. However, they can be prevented when properly taken care of; Here are some of the diseases;

  • Respiratory problems
  • Dental problems
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Eye issues
  • Hair loss or Alopecia X
  • Collapsed trachea
  • Luxating patella
  • Skin condition
  • Hypoglycemia

Though Poms, as a dog breed, are prone to these diseases, this doesn’t make it inevitable for a dog to succumb to them. A healthy diet, daily exercise, weight management, and timely check-up can increase your pup’s life expectancy making him happy and active.

Are Pomeranians Costly?

Fox face Poms are commonly found in most countries due to their unique features and appearance. There are many factors involved in pricing a Pomeranian. Many people sell their pups at market price- anywhere at $1500, depending on their lineage and if their bread is to be a fox-faced version. Note: White Poms may cost you more.

Factors That Impact the Fox Face Pomeranians Price

1.   Quality of a Dog

Price is influenced mainly by quality, and there are many ways to determine this. A dog’s health is an important factor, but it does not tell the whole story. Attention to personality and behavior also play a role in determining how “quality” a dog is and how much value it will have for its owners. Moreover, quality also refers to how well the dog can be expected to do in competitions and producing other top-quality Pomeranian dogs.

2.   Health Condition

A reliable breeder will provide you with a list of the dog’s parents’ health testing and have the puppy vet checked prior to any sale. A reputable dog breeder will also supply kennel club registration papers. By familiarizing yourself with this information, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this puppy is the perfect choice for your lifestyle.

3.   Time of Purchase

In late summer and spring, the demand for dogs increases two to three times as people are looking for a canine friend to accompany them on beaches, parks, or a long peaceful walk. At this time of the year, breeders usually increase the selling price of a dog in response to the demand.

4.   Breeder

A breeder from whom you’re buying the fox face Pom also matters the most. Reputable and reliable breeders often have high selling prices as they have all the necessary documents and medical records of the dog, which are then compensated in the final price.

5.   Coat Color

Fox-faced Pomeranians have different coat colors and patterns. Solid colors include black, white, lavender, blue,  red, and orange.

6.   Gender and Age

Female fox-looking Poms are more expensive than males. A fox-faced Pomeranian puppy is more expensive than an adult full-grown fox face Pomeranian.

What Fox Face Puppy Should I get? Female or Male?

There’s no definite answer to which Poms is the best, male or female. Both are loving, caring, and affectionate in their ways. However, their personality might differ from others.

Male Poms tend to be more affectionate, outgoing, exuberant, relaxed, and less moody than their female counterparts – they’re often eager for games in any situation, can be very fun when they want to be, and will stick around even when you’re old. If you want a more relaxed puppy with fewer mood swings, a male Pom is the best. However, for more fun and attention, females are the go-to.

What Does Fox Looking Pomeranians Love to Eat?

Like every other dog, Poms are more attracted to food that fulfills their nutritional needs, including beans, turkey, chicken, pork, fish, cheese, and more. Some of the food Poms love the most, which also fulfill its nutritional needs, are jotted down below;

  • Organs, including kidneys, brain, and liver
  • Lean meat, including white breast chicken, fish
  • Potatoes (sweet and regular)
  • Spinach, carrots, broccoli
  • White or brown rice
  • Pasta
  • Meat
  • Note: Also avoid candies, bubble gums, toothpaste, diet foods, baked stuff, and highly sweetened food to maintain the good health of your puppy.

Last Words: The fox face Pomeranian is a dog breed with a fox-like appearance. These dogs have an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years. The ancestors of the modern fox-face Pomeranians were bigger and often used as hunting dogs, watchdogs, and farm workers.

Fox Face Poms are a perfect reflection of all dogs’ personalities. They are the cute and smartest of all dog breeds. These cute little pals can cheer up their owner’s life with their sociable nature, keep the kids happy, and protect the house from all dangers.

Poms are the perfect to adopt if you’re a first-time dog owner. Enjoy every moment with the best buddy.

Happy puppying!

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Fox Face Pomeranian
Fox Face Pomeranian


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