Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian

Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian Comparison

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Pomeranians are bundles of love that never want to leave your side. Most of the time, pet parents ask should I get a male or female Pomeranian? Prospective Pom owners usually have lots of questions about the male Pomeranian vs female Pomeranian puppy question.

They often ask are male or female Pomeranians better or is it better to get a male or female Pomeranian?

As I am a longtime, very dedicated member of the Pomeranian dog community, I was able to easily ask owners of this special dog for their thoughts.

Over 14,000 Pomeranian owners were polled about the “male Pomeranian vs female Pomeranian” question. The results of this Pomeranian poll were not a surprise with a 50/50 result obtained.

Whether you choose a Pomeranian male and female, it doesn’t really matter. But experienced Pomeranian breeders and owners can explain a slight variance between Pomeranian male and female pups.

Vital Stats about Pomeranian Dogs

Here are some important stats that are common in both Pomeranian male and female dogs:



Dog breed group

Toy group


Companion dogs


Lively, bold, inquisitive

Average height

8-11 inches

Average weight

3-7 pounds

Energy level


Exercise requirements


Grooming needs


AKC breed popularity

23 out of 200

Life Expectancy

12-16 years 

Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian
Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian

Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian Size Details

The Pomeranian is one of the few dog breeds where the female Pomeranians size should be slightly bigger than that of the male Poms.  Pomeranians often have difficulty whelping litters and having the female slightly larger than the male Pomeranian is thought to assist Pomeranian breeders.

Male Pomeranian

  • Average Height: 7 – 12 inches ( about 20 cm tall).
  • Average Weight: 3 – 7 pounds ( AKC breed standard). The English Kennel Club size for Pomeranian males is 4 – 4.5 lbs. (1.8 – 2kg).
  • Build: Male Pomeranians are slightly smaller in build.

Female Pomeranian

  • Average Height: 7 – 12 inches ( about 20 cm tall).
  • Average Weight: 3 – 7 pounds. ( AKC breed standard). The English Kennel Club size for Pomeranian females is 4.5 – 5.5 pounds (2 – 2.5 kg).
  • Build: Female Poms are slightly bigger in build.

Temperament Difference Between Male vs Female Pomeranian

Keep in mind that every Pom will have a personality that may not fit these generalizations. As for every generalization, there are always exceptions.

The Female Pomeranian

Here are some of the personality traits of female Pomeranians:

  • Female Poms are independent and stubborn. This is due to their strong-willed temperament.
  • They demand attention and want to rule the pack. They determine pecking order and intent upon exercising their dominance by participating in alpha behaviors.
  • Female Poms are territorial and need to be socialized. Otherwise, they may get too protective over their favorite person in the family.
  • Female Pomeranians will love to be around you all day, every day. When the girl Pom has had enough, she will simply move away.
  • Both the male and female Poms are incredibly affectionate and loyal to their families, and they’re not aggressive.
  • Females love to exercise their dominance, and they love to get away with doing their own thing. 
  • Most females are not aggressive. However, most fights will usually break out between two females fighting for dominance.
  • During the heat cycle, female Pom may become moody and withdrawn. This is mainly due to hormones rapidly rising and dropping. It may also be due to discomfort and abdominal cramping.
  • Females are very successful in trying to outsmart you.
  • Female Pomeranians are usually less distracted during training. They just want to get this training thing over and done.
  • Female Poms tend to become more reserved or dignified with age.

It is always best to spay a female Pomeranian to keep her healthy unless you are keeping her for breeding purposes.

The Male Pomeranian

Here are some of the personality traits of male Pomeranians:

  • Pomeranian males are very sweet-natured. They love to stare at you and will more likely want to stay in your lap all day. Their number one reason for living is to worship you.
  • Male Poms can be very fun-loving. They act silly-like and will want to play games well into old age.
  • Pomeranian males are usually more affectionate, spirited, steadfast, and less moody. You can’t help giving them all of your attention because they are so charming.
  • Male Pomeranians become very attached to their human family. They will love you with all their heart, no matter who you are.
  • Male Pomeranians are more accepting of other pets in your house. Boy Poms are in most instances easily motivated by praise and food, thus making training easier.
  • Male Poms can be easily distracted from training. In most instances, they are easily motivated by praise and food.
  • Neutered boy Poms rarely exhibit secondary sexual behavior such as “humping” or “marking”.
  • When urinating, male Poms lift their legs to mark territory, which can ruin things. However, if neutered at a young age, many males will not have the need to mark territory.
  • Male Poms are slightly more massive than their female counterparts. 

It is always best to neuter a male Pomeranian to keep him healthy unless you are keeping him for breeding purposes. Remember that the differences between a male Pomeranian and Female Pomeranian can also be more pronounced in spayed and neutered dogs.

Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian
Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian

Male Pomeranians vs Female Pomeranians Health Issues

Health issues of both male and female Pomeranians include luxating patella, collapsed trachea, eye problems, dental issues, and allergies. Both male and female Pomeranians have the same average life expectancy. However, gender-specific diseases are risks for both male and female Pomeranians.

Female Pomeranians have the risk of developing breast cancer and uterine cancer. The possibility of these problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated once the female Pom is spayed.

Male Pomeranians are at risk for prostate problems and testicular cancer. The possibility of these problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated once the male Pom is neutered.

Male vs Female Pomeranian Grooming

Pomeranians have a glamorous thick, double coat. There is an undercoat of soft, thick, fluffy hair and a top coat of long, straight, shiny hair that’s harsh to the touch. Both male and female Poms require a lot of grooming. Pomeranians are considered to shed moderately.

Male Poms typically blow their undercoats once a year. Female Poms who are not desexed often shed their undercoats when they are in season after they deliver a litter, and whenever they are stressed. So if you own a girl Pom, expect a lot of shedding throughout the year. 

Pomeranian Gender Myths

Many intending Pomeranian owners have gender-based questions concerning Pomeranians. We will try our best to answer most of the questions and also correct some common gender myths about Pomeranians.

  • Myth 1: Female Poms are easier to train than their male counterpart

It is largely believed that boy Poms are very difficult to train while females are easier to train but this is largely untrue.Both male and female Pomeranians have issues with training, although the reasons for these challenges differ. Male Pomeranians get distracted easily while female Poms have an inherent stubborn nature. Regardless of these problems, many pet owners have successfully trained their male and female Pomeranians. All it takes is patience and consistency.  

  • Myth 2: Female Poms are more affectionate than their male counterpart

This is perhaps the most common myth about Pomeranians and that’s actually untrue. The female Poms tend to bond quite early but they actually do bond with an individual rather than a family. Male Pomeranians will bond easily with as many persons in the family as possible, especially females. You can safely say that both male and female Pomeranians have a loving and affectionate temperament.  

  • Myth 3: Female Pomeranians don’t express dominant traits

A common misconception is that girl Poms don’t possess dominant traits and are very easy-going. In reality, female Pomeranians often fight for dominance when they are in a kennel. Two female Pomeranians are more likely to get into fights than two male Pomeranians are.  

  • Myth 4: Female Poms are easier to housebreak than male counterparts 

Both male and female Pomeranians have the same issues and can be house trained at the same pace. You just need to be consistent and show patience. Both male and female Poms can be housetrained in a few weeks and it is neither easy nor more difficult for any gender.

Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian
Male Pomeranian Vs Female Pomeranian

Are Male or Female Pomeranians Better?

A Pomeranian that fits your personality and blends well into your family is the best Pom for you. When it comes to Pomeranians, personality outweighs gender at any time of the day. You should pay attention to learn how male and female Pomeranians behave, the reasons for their behaviors, and how you can manage and train them.

Is it Better to Get Male or Female Pomeranian? 

While there are differences in the sexes, both male and female Pomeranians are cuddly and loving creatures. They will brighten your day and want you to go everywhere you go.  Many dog lovers who have both male and female Pomeranians will tell you that the little differences don’t really matter in the large picture.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a male Pom, a female Pom, or even both! It’s all up to your preference and personality. The worst mistake you can make is to adopt a Pomeranian based on vague and unfounded information.

My Take on Pomeranian Male vs Female: What’s the Big Deal?

There is nothing cuter than a pair of Pomeranians bouncing around your house. The small pack can be either all males, all females, or a mixture of both.  Here’s what I want to say about the Pomeranian male vs female debate:

“Don’t base your decision on gender myths and hearsay. The most important aspect is the individual health and personality of the Pomeranian. In most cases, whether you choose a male or female Pomeranian does not matter.

Denise Leo, Dochlaggie Pomeranians.

So, rather than wondering whether to get a male or female Pom, you should talk to the breeder about personality and health issues to look out for. These little furry creatures will surely create a happy, joyful atmosphere in your home. If you want to know more about Pomeranians, feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you. Best of luck with your new Pomeranian member!

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