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Dogs That Bark Too Much May Create Huge Problems For Owners

If you have a dog that barks all the time, it can cause huge problems. Sometimes severe measures need to happen. For example, debarking the dog (removing his vocal cords in a surgical procedure) is one way to stop the sound from happening. He still barks but you don’t hear the sound. Most people hate this idea but it happens more often than vets would ever admit. Today’s average dog leads a fairly non–stimulating lifestyle … Read more…

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Moving House Guide for Pet Owners

Any time you have to move house, it’s a very stressful time for everyone involved, and that includes your pet. Learn how to make it easier for you to help your precious dog make that transition with a minimum of fuss. Moving isn’t just what you do on moving day. It takes weeks or even months of planning and packing after you have found somewhere to move to, regardless of whether you’re buying or renting. … Read more…