English Setter

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The English Setter is among the oldest of the gundog breeds and originated in England over 400 years ago. It’s believed his ancestors were Spanish. He’s similar to the Gordon and Irish Setters but his personality is different, as is his look. Before guns were invented, this dog would find birds and “set” himself down on his front legs so his master could toss a net over the bird. When guns were used, he stood up so his master could see him more clearly.

His feathered coat is white in colour and has some dark hairs mixed in, called “belton” markings. The markings can either be liver, lemon, tricolour (tan points and blue belton), blue (white and black markings) or orange. He hates being alone and thrives when he’s with people. He’s extremely affectionate and needs a lot of exercise, either in a fenced enclosure or on a leash. His coat needs lots of care. He’s 24 – 25 inches in height.